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jonathan sherrill posts on 10/7/2005 6:47:48 PM I have a paper to write on the psychological representations of one of the houses in the novel. is there a point about mr. biswas that can be brought out when describing one of the houses in the novel? can anyone give me an opinion on this matter?
Lokesh Thakur posts on 8/30/2005 2:00:21 AM How is A House for Mr. Biswas a Diasporic novel? Any one help
saira posts on 5/15/2005 4:02:50 PM have been reding v.s naipaul's work house fo mr. biswas and it seems to me to be a novel about man who is always precariously positioned on the brink of disaster but by som miraculous chance escapes it very time, to die a life as mundane and common place and ordinary as any man in trinidad. but ther is much drama , subdued as it is by mr. biswas's own lack of faith in the spectacular or one can say in his fast fading faitht hat the spectacular can be meant for him or his lowly existence.also naipaul seems to confront the essential human dilemmas abou life and death and shelter and subsistence and no always confrims his marriage vows or betrothel to a postcolonial agenda mongering.

noor posts on 5/7/2005 1:19:43 PM hi everybody! i am on the point to start my M.A thesis on naipaul,in case you can help me by suggesting any idea about the themes of half a life ,i would be thankful.please send me your comments
shiimshiim posts on 2/8/2005 1:14:39 PM how is the caste system represented in v.s. naipaul's a house for mr. biswas?
deep posts on 2/8/2005 4:09:21 AM being an indian i feel that mr.naipul has a wonderful craftsmanship regarding details and presents himself with an wonderful judgement of character portrayals.he is truely one of the very few good writes the world will ever see.
Rohit posts on 2/6/2005 11:37:33 PM Naipul's ability to generate humour out of common everyday encounters is immense and comes to the fore in Mr. Biswas.Though the story suffers bcoz of Naipul's attempts to keep certain facts under garbs leading to some abrupt endings.

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