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Rob posts on 1/1/2014 4:15:32 PM Bob the information you put out there is as intriguing as it comes. I would love to know if these secrets were passed down and if there is a group still committed to the KGC mission.
ZJames posts on 2/27/2012 5:35:00 AM Mr. Brewer, JJ4 is my Paw. Saw some communications b/w you and CozmoWolf on a message board realized right away it was John. Figured i'd step away from all the JJ stuff. Did so for the most part, of course found myself occasionally delving back in and finding more only to give up again. Next thing i know info is falling in my lap and i find myself in Oklahoma, then more Out side of my Paw and Uncle Woody i don't have any to be conversant with, and they are hard to get hold of. lol busy busy we all seem to be. i pray you and yours are well, and exceedingly blessed. zJames
seeking Bob posts on 1/18/2012 4:31:50 PM Bob, email me at polksalet at yahoo dot com. We need to chat.

rp posts on 7/16/2011 2:45:09 PM i recently purchased a rare 1882 copy of a book on Jesse James and Cole Younger, may or may not shed light on KGC activity and their possible involvement. If Bob or Warren see this please email me. i can give you book title/info as well as some notes taken that may be useful .
J posts on 2/19/2011 1:23:09 AM I just checked my old address book, I know this email was down before , just sent him a test message to see if by some chance its a good email address, seems to have gone thru, hmm maybee he had that mail down for a bit and brought it back up, havent got a mailer damon yet so maybee its still good if he writes back i will for for sure lol
Bill Wade posts on 2/18/2011 8:29:42 PM J, I am not allowed to give out any contact information. -bill-
J posts on 2/18/2011 10:55:51 AM I used to chat with Bob years ago through email, He changed his email address and I lost touch with him, be nice to chat with him again
Bill Wade posts on 2/18/2011 3:54:09 AM I have a legitimate Spanish treasure site, as well as other legitimate sites. I have become somewhat acquainted with Bob as well as a few other noteworthy people in this field. I am in occasional contact with them. I don't know that they visit this site. Perhaps I should tell Bob about this site. Would that help a few of you? -bill-
J posts on 2/15/2011 11:52:00 AM hey it looks like this is Bobs forum from the way it looks on the internet but note bob nor warren ever reply, I dought this is their site, someone just some how put this up with their names ,looks like a book forum, better off looking in the library 5 row back 7th shelf down for them lol
James Wright posts on 2/1/2011 11:58:30 AM I have a gun that I believe is related to the kgc, there is a map, images , #'s , possible bible verse ,and a message cut with a razor into the butt of the gun - also I am rather certain I have figured out the location depicted on a map in a book by Bob Brewer. The map je bren 1880 , has anyone figured that location yet , I am new to this stuff but that map seems pretty obvious to me.
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