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karina posts on 8/24/2007 11:43:48 PM no i don't agree. wedelin's birthday is january 6.
a fan posts on 8/23/2007 3:47:55 PM I can't wait for the next Sammy Keys book to come out! From what Wendelin has said, I think that it's possible that SAmmy's dad is officer Borsch!Anyone else agree?
Karina posts on 8/19/2007 10:41:57 PM no i don't know and i heard(READ) that it was real hard to get.

madison posts on 8/17/2007 12:51:03 PM does anyone know when wendelin van draanen was born?
shelleybelley posts on 8/14/2007 10:21:31 AM Dear Mrs.Van Draanen, I LOVE your books, I have read them so many times that they are falling apart!!! Thank you so much for writing them. Sammy is my all time favorite character. When will your next book come out?
Karina posts on 8/5/2007 6:40:42 PM Mrs.Draanen, I was womdering if you will keep posting messages on this message page? If you will I have a lot of questions to ask. Write back soon if the answer to my first question is yes.
Minerva Teli posts on 7/28/2007 10:44:57 AM I would really apreciate it if I could get your home address. It would be so much fun if I could sendletters to you! Thanks, Minerva
Wendelin Van Draanen posts on 7/21/2007 6:10:53 PM I stumbled across your postings and just wanted to say thanks. Glad you like my books :-). Don't worry about Casey--he's in the one I'm writing now...Officer Borsch has a big event coming up in his life, so he'll be back...and Sammy will figure out who her dad is, probably in book #16 (there will be 20). Not to give too much away... but yes he's been "introduced". For those of you who said you were dying for a Flipped sequel, I've written another romantic comedy (not a sequel, but it's dedicated to "Flipped Fans". It's called Confessions of a Serial Kisser. You wanted kissing? Get ready for lots of (comical) kissing! Happy reading, Wendelin
alanna posts on 7/14/2007 6:15:09 PM can someone pleasee tell me the climax of the book??
a fan posts on 7/7/2007 11:11:12 AM Hey! Justine A. Avila just posted thst you should not omit Casey. I agree and I also hope you don't get rid of Officer Borch.
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