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Katlyn posts on 3/23/2007 12:04:51 AM i was so excited to see what was going to happen with juli and bryce in the end, but it kind of just left me disapointed. it'd be awseome if there was a sequel!!
Anonymous posts on 11/12/2006 12:17:22 PM okay right now pretty much everyone is talking about how she should have a sequel dont think its gunna happen but yah anyway when i first read flipped i loved it sooooo sooo much bcuz one of my friends was in tht EXACT same situation, [besides the kissing part] ahahah but like i've already relized that if there WAS a sequel then like how would it end?: oh yeah julie says now she likes him back again and they lived happily ever AFTER :D woopie yah people would be knocking down her door like : "hey i think it should've ENDED differently"
Jenifer posts on 11/8/2006 4:00:24 PM I absolutely love the sammy keys books they are the coolest stories.

Cloe posts on 10/22/2006 11:27:58 AM Is there really going to be a sammy keyes movie? I heard about it somewhere! AND I WAS SOOO EXCITED! But i can't find anything about it anywhere. So is it true?? Anyone?
ariel posts on 10/20/2006 5:05:18 PM we were just wondering when it was...gosh. whats ur problem?
Lauren posts on 10/20/2006 5:00:47 PM To the lady that is dissing my AUNT you can stop talking! Did you ever think that people don't like you enough to give you their DOB. So maybe your daughter should just deal with a lesser grade.
posts on 10/7/2006 5:34:54 PM What's up with never giving the year you were born. My daughter is diong a book report and needed your DOB and could only fing the month and day. Now, my daughter has to take a lesser grade because you will not tell anyone when you were born. Thanks a lot. I mean this with sarcasm.
posts on 10/4/2006 8:14:14 PM Hey. I love the book FLIPPED and i read it about a year ago. I'm doing a book report on it and I can't find the book anywhere to read it again and remember more stuff I'd like it if someone could tell me how this book ends!! PLEASE its such a great book!!
posts on 9/30/2006 7:08:32 PM I absoulutely loved your book Flipped. It was funny and kind of a romance but not really because it wasn't as corny as a true romance, but it still had the "crush factor", for lack of better words. Anyway, now that Bryce and Juli are kind of on the same page (no pun intended), now what? Don't leave me hanging! This book NEEDS a sequel!!
posts on 9/24/2006 6:16:22 PM Hey! Oh my gosh I LOVED your book Flipped! I'm doing it for a project we have to do in Language, and we're making a book jacket, so I have to have a section on you. But I can't find what year you were born in! I know you were born January 6, but not what year. Could you PLEASE tell me what year ASAP, becuase the project is due this Thursday. Thanks!
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