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Chrisanna posts on 1/13/2007 8:12:23 PM Wow. i've read Flipped about 5 million times and each time it gets better! I want to be a writer and man youre my inspiration! i absolutly LOVED LOVED LOVED Flipped! But was the cliffhanger really nessesary?! Dont leave us hangin man! are you gonna write a sequel? Please do!
Lily posts on 12/24/2006 5:51:25 PM I love your books sooooo much!And I can't wait until Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things comes out.You are my favorite author!Thank you for writing such great books!
Judy posts on 12/22/2006 2:43:43 PM I loved the book Flipped i will love contacting Van Draanen to ask her to make a movie... my imagination can only go so far .... Also ( enough) with the cliffhanger what happens next???? Please write a sequel!

Meredith Brace posts on 12/12/2006 6:14:18 PM I'd like information on how to have Ms. Van Draanen visit our school. We are in Santa Barbara, California
Casey Yowell posts on 12/10/2006 9:20:17 PM Hi Mrs. Van Draanen, I a doing a report on you and i need some help with the 5 important things in your life. hope you can help!
Katy posts on 12/9/2006 7:49:02 PM Sammy keyes should definetely be made into a movie!
Rachel posts on 12/8/2006 10:29:51 PM I absolutely loved Flipped! It's definetely one of my favourite books and there HAS to be a sequel! I'm DYING for one. I wanted to write an e-mail/letter to Mrs.Draanen and ask her to write a sequel, but I can't find her contact information anywhere. =(
Chloe posts on 12/5/2006 11:33:27 PM I loved the book and can't wait to read what you write next ,but you can't leave us hanging. Chloe
posts on 10/7/2006 4:07:56 PM Wow, i just got done reading "Flipped" today, and i think it is one of the best books ever. I really, really think that there should be a sequal though, i am absolutly dying to find out what will happen to Juli and Bryce. Will Juli ever find out that Bryce is really sorry? I have to know.. please Wendelin Van Draanen, we want a sequal!
posts on 9/3/2006 10:13:32 AM i loved flipped so much! i want there to be a sequel so bad! and i wouldnt mind being in a movie for it
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