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Halie posts on 8/29/2010 1:06:58 AM I am a HUGE fan of Van Draanen books. I first got hooked, when i saw Runaway on my teachers classroom bookshelf. I began to read it, and absolutely LOVED it. I've have read Runaway about ten times. Haha. I began to search for more of her books. I read flipped, and fell in love with the characters, and the story line. I have read others, like The Crimson Kiss, and some of the Sammy Keys series. I can't wait to see the movie, and for her to publish another book. (:
FLIPPED posts on 7/21/2010 2:28:35 PM I luved Flipped it is my fave book of all time, and i am psyched for the movie. Please write a sequel i beg of you desperatley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B. Spencer posts on 3/26/2010 8:38:49 AM As a Libsrary MS, I tried to get teachers to use FLIPPED. All the students I recommended it to, loved it. Now, back in the classroom, I've just completed a unit on FLIPPED. It was better received than I expected. My 7th and 8th graders loved it and never wanted to stop at the end of the period! They are demanding a sequel.

Emmie Gregory posts on 3/10/2010 1:34:02 PM Thanks you sooo much for writing all your books my personal favorite is SWEAR TO HOWDY it has so much i love Joey and Rusty and all there adventures! I hope you write a sequal to SWEAR TO HOWDY so i can read more about Joey and Rusty Thanks sooooooooo much!!!
Emmie Gregory posts on 3/9/2010 5:01:32 PM Your Book Swear To Howdy is the most awsome book in the intire world i love the adventures of Joey and Rusty and i hope there's more you have inspired me sooo much i have to decided to start to write... I love to write and iv'e ponderd if i should start writing and now that i read Swear to Howdy i have decided to start thanks soooo much for the book and you!!! Thanks soooo much!!!! :)
ashley posts on 2/16/2010 5:20:56 AM Hello I am a student in South Korea, and I also hope that you would write your e-mail address on the books. I am a huge fan of the thrilling book, FLIPPED
sara posts on 9/6/2009 3:15:15 AM i know you told time for kids that you weren't going to talk about the movie until it was rolling, but then how would everyone else who want to act in the movie have an audition, if its already rolling??? i think i speak for many people if you had a website that kept people posted about the movie...
cat posts on 9/6/2009 2:33:09 AM Dear Mrs. Van Draanan, I would appreciate it if you would write back and tell me if there will be a Sammy Keyes Movie. This may be too personal But i was wondering if you were a Christian or Catholic (i am) because of some of the content in your books. Please reply Sincerly, Cat
Jack posts on 9/1/2009 9:56:38 PM This book stinks and there should never be a sequal so just let it go people
Andres Alvarez posts on 8/28/2009 11:48:03 PM Dear Mrs. Draanen, I love the book Flipped! I dont read books very often (like never actually) but ever sense i read flipped i read more of your books like runaway. that book is amazing. but my most favorite is flipped you should write a sequel, it ended so abruptly. i'm kind of a new fan of yours but i'm a big one! i hope you consider my idea, and i know i speak for other readers of your books when i say that your book Flipped absolutley needs a sequel. A huge fan of yours, Andy
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