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mapl posts a message on 12/16/2006 11:50:47 PM It was five years ago last October, in early October 2001, less than a month after Sept. 11, that I'd driven down to NYC for the special 40th-year anniversary screening of the great, venerable classic film, West Side Story, where my friends and I had a wonderful time. Five years later, again, in mid-October of this year, I again took another trip down to the Big Apple for yet another screening of the film West Side Story. This time, seeing the link for the weeklong screenings of West Side Story at NYC's Clearfield/Ziegfeld Cinema on another website, I couldn't resist the temptation, and I was determined to go down to NYC to take in yet another screening of this great film. After thinking about it, I phoned my cousin, who lives on NYC's Upper West Side, and spoke with her at length about it. Since she was headed for upstate NY over the weekend, and her other nights during the week were busy, we decided to take in Tuesday night's 8:15 screening of WSS. Attempts on my part to obtain the tickets online failed, so my cousin wilingly and graciously got the tickets for us. Leaving home at around 9:00 a. m. that Tuesday morning, I arrived in NYC shortly after 1:00 p. m. and waited around, enjoying the nice, crisp sunny October day and talking to people, until my cousin arrived home from work, at around four o'clock. After relaxing for awhile and having a light, quick dinner, my cousin and I took the subway downtown to mid-town Manhattan, where the theatre was located. What a wonderful evening that was--there was a beautiful new print of the film WSS, and the screen was big and long. As always, on the great big, wide screen, WSS could be seen in its entire glory, the way it was meant to be seen. All of the cast members, from Tony and Maria, to Doc, to the warring jets and Sharks, seemed to come even more alive and to move much more freely and fluidly, in a much wider, more open space. This was true of even Richard Beymer, who was a weak, lacklustre Tony. The soundtrack seemed to sound richer, and the richly-colored costumes and photography also took on a more intense dimension. In short, the entire film of West Side Story, from the opening aerial shots of NYC's West Side, to the playground skirmishes between the jets & Sharks, from Tony and Maria and Bernardo and Anita, to the Rumble and the Cool scenes to the graffitied credits at the very end of the film seem to take on a magical, almost 3-dimensional quality when shown on a great big, wide movie theatre screen. Although the evening screening of West Side Story didn't quite sell out, it was, in fact, very well-attended. Russ Tamblyn does a wonderful job as the exuberant, wacky, acrobatic Riff, as do David Winters as A-rab, Elliot Feld as the immature, constantly awed and frightened Baby-John. The same is true of Tony Mordente, who does a fabulous job playing the role of the hot-tempered, institagating troublemaker of the Jets, Action. Tucker Smith does an equally fantastic job playing the role of the handsome, calm, cool and collected Ice, who ultimately takes over the Jet gang leadership after Riff's death in the Rumble. The role of the sardonic, but hot-tempered Shark gangleader, Bernardo, is fabulously played by George Chakiris, as is the role of Bernardo's girlfriend, Anita, who is a feisty firebrand of a girl, by Rita Moreno, who does an excellent job. Simon Oakland also does an excellent job of playing the bigoted, cantankerous Lt. Schrank, and Bill Bramley also does well playing Officer Krupke. All told, WSS is a very strong movie, with a very strong cast, most of whom had been in the original Broadway stage productions of West Side Story. This, coupled with Jerome Robbins fantastic choreograqphy of the dancing--(might I add that the dancing in West Side Story is also one of the things that makes it so great?) is also terrific. Although Richard Beymer definitely played a rather weak, lacklustre Tony, he, too comes off as being somewhat more vital and alive on the great big, wide movie theatre screen, plus he's more than offset by the wonderful performances of the other actors/actresses in the film West Side Story. The Clearfield/Ziegfeld Cinema in NYC is a beautiful old theatre, very handsome and palatial-looking inside, that was converted into a movie theatre from a place where much live theatre, including vaudeville, had been performed previously. It's the perfect place for such great old films, or films, period, imo. After the screening, my cousin and I went back to her apartment, which is in a rather funky upper west side neighborhood of manhattan, and, the next day, in exchange for staying at her place, when she went off to work, I tuned her Mason-Hamlin grand piano, which made her very happy. All told, it had been a wonderful time. After another day in NYC, I drove home the next morning, after thanking my cousin for the WSS tickets, and her hospitality. It had been a wonderful two days. Vi
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