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posts a message on 7/21/2006 10:25:35 AM The working night story in a Bronx Hostipal for the rest of 2006 ! All new Lydig 's Place for 15 years on September 11 , 1991 starting updating myself on July 24 , 2006 ! The all new Lydig's Place for 15 years in 1991 September !
posts a message on 7/20/2006 9:10:09 PM I will start Monday at 8am in the morning for my schdule and my tour of Bronx Lebanon hostipal today on July 24th , 2006 ! My first time working nights in the Bronx hostipal on the GrandCourse for 15 hours a night ! I never nights before this will be my first time working the late shift in 2006 ! A couple of hours in the night of 2006 night transporting /messager at the Bronx hostipal !
posts a message on 6/28/2006 9:18:32 PM No Irene Nelson today but I saw Micheal Gooden about work in Irene and Ms. office at Urban Dymanics from Manhattan. He give me one with Manhattan and Brooklyn companies ! I saw Mr Whitaker today and meeting Tim in computer class this morning from Urban Dymanics on Valtine 's day ! All just regular day for me in Urban Dymanics , Manhattan ! I saw Irene Nelson about my jobs in Urban Dymanics ! I saw some guy say " stay " on the street today of Harlem ! When I was finshed with Irene Nelson and Micheal Goodman ! I saw mr Whitaker today leaving home ! Mr. Charles E. Whittaker had a small class ! I saw Irene Nelson today for jobs along with Anthony Benson ! I saw the new class of Charles Whittaker in the hallway ! I want to Queens for a telmarketing job interview though Urban Dymanics ! I saw Henry and Mr. Meadean came in later today for job empolyment ! I saw ms . Gordon and E something , Sauders but It was croward with so many guys going for mantience work ! I saw ms. Nelson and Charles Whittaker today ! Anthony Sauider and ms. Trau Vines plus Harry C. , Meadean , Alexdar! We where waiting for Good Temps but never showed up ! Shawn Young , Anthony and others where waiting for the lady to came from Good temps for empolyment ! I was doing the coverletter and resume today at Urban Dymanics for an open house today ! I went to see Irene Nelson for jobs ! I call one job today for an appointment on Thursday ! I saw Carlos White working in Mantience !

Miki posts a message on 1/11/2006 12:16:42 AM Hi--it's been awhile since I've posted on this message board, but I came back on here to say hello and to let everyone know that my love for the film West Side Story burns just as brightly as it ever did, and that it's still my favorite film. My 13-year-old 20" TV finally went on the blink, and I ended up getting a new TV, a 32" LCHD Maxent TV, which has beautifully sharp reception and sound, plus I got cable for the first time, and obtaining access to the TCM channel simultaneously. Since I got my new TV, I've watched WSS at least a couple of times when it's been on TV, on my own. Just last October, I drove up to Hanover, NH to see a special screening of WSS at Dartmouth College. One of the things that I noticed in this particular screening was that the various background sounds, from the barge tooting on the river, to the rumbling of the underground NYC subway trains, and the honking of cars in NYC traffic seemed even more intense(as with everything else) and more noticeable. As usual, I loved the screening of WSS. Although it's also great on TV, absolutely NOTHING beats seeing this great classic on the great big, wide screen, in a REAL movie theatre or auditorium, with the lights down low. Right before the screening, everybody in the audience received a script of what WSS is about, as well as some info about public opinion on it. One of the things that was pointed out, which, unfortunately, is all too true, is that Bertanelli's opinion that "WSS is old-fashioned, mawkish, and sanitized" , as well as the late movie critic Pauline Kael's vitriol against this great classic, have, sadly, taken over today's mainstream opinion about WSS. This is unfortunate, as WSS is such a beautiful film, and, I believe, the mainstreaming of the above-mentioned opinions, has definitely had an affect on the (dwindling) frequency of the showing of WSS in revival and repertory movie houses throughout the country. This is not to say that everybody feels that way about WSS. There are lots of people from all walks of life, and all ages, including myself, who still LOVE WEst Side Story. let's hope that the mainstream will wake up, and that there'll be more revivals of the great classic film WSS, in movie theatres.
George posts a message on 6/6/2005 4:17:15 PM Hi everyone-- Stumbled on this site while researching Tucker Smith (Ice from West Side Story). I attended a screening last night in Santa Monica CA sponsored by the American Cinameteque. Amazing!! Great print, sound and I had never seen it on the big screen in spite of seeing it a hundred times on video or TV. Afterward there was a discussion featuring George Chakiris, Russ Tamblyn, and several dancers (Graziella, Action, Velma and others). Quite a night. What an amazing film. I LOVE IT!!
Elizabeth Lapicola posts a message on 3/17/2005 4:46:49 PM We Where doing email testing on the computer ! We have a couple of weeks til graduation on 125th Street with mr.Cheug ! I saw AndrewG. and AnwarKnight , YardBro , Harry C.Jr doing e mails at 125th street! We Started OutLook Microsoft in our computer !I took the attention away from mr.Cheug ! Today Because my computer went haywire ! I saw AndrewG. and Medean , AnwarKnight , Katherine P plus Ms. Revies where working on Emails for resume and writing samples in Urban Dymanics ! I saw DeniseR. and Ms. Yardbro , AndrewG., Meadean plus Cheug and AnwarKnight ! We where doing EMail pasting , Copy and cuts from the computer in OutLook ! I saw AndyG. and Denise R. , Katherine P. plus Harry C .Jr and Christopher in computer lab doing contacts ! (1 story lefted )
Elizabeth Lapicola posts a message on 3/16/2005 5:39:30 PM I saw AndrewG and Ms.Yardbro, Prez , Mr.Chin but no AnwarKnight today ! We started on doing the pie chart on the computer ! We learned how to make a circle and bargraph ! I having trouble with excel. Again with the pie chart experimenting with different things on the computer ! I saw on the computer class hard time with excel on the pie chart ! But AndrewG. helped me on what to do with excel pie chart on the computer . I still had trouble with my pie chart to the point I ease it ! I change the pie chart 2 times on the computer ! Where Medema and AndrewG had to help me with my project ! Today I saw Ms.C Prez working on her project ! She caught up with us in computer class today beofe breaktime started ! CPrez helped me with my pie chart ! (2 Pages to Go )
Elizabeth Lapicola posts a message on 3/15/2005 2:37:45 PM I started excel word today with my computer class! I was in Harlem with AndyG. and Harry C Jr. , AnwarKnight , Andrew M. and YardBro , Ms.Prez K and Chris , Cheung ! I corrected my excel word spread sheet project from T&R report with letters , numbers ! I still can not figure the cell number on the computer in excel ! I did my typing to ease attention ! I saw a very small class today because of the interview ! I saw Harry C. Jr and AndrewG., and myself makes 3 ! I had a hard time just figuring out number from Excel ! Thank to My computer teacher Mr.Whittaker that I could not figure out ! I ask Charles Whittaker that I figure out ! I saw Harry C Jr. , Anwar Knight ,Andrew , Revis in 125th street Harlem school !
Elizabeth Lapicola posts a message on 3/14/2005 12:55:27 PM I saw Andy G. and Denise , Yardbro plus Christopher M. , Anwar Knight in computer Lab ! I was making correction on my resume and cover Letter ! Then I started on Mavis Beacon typing ! Albert was a new student today in computer class ! I saw Prez C. and Christopher M., Harry C.Jr ! Oh! I was helping Anwar Knight so now we where are up to excel ! No ms.Katherine Prez today but I was sitting down when my computer shut down ! So I used her's today for a backup ! They where doing protects when I was typing on Mavis Beacon ! My interviewing with mr. Nittie today was ok ! We starting on excel word a little bit today in computer class ! I saw Harry C.Jr and Anwar Knight , Yardbro , Cheung where here to help with each other projects on the computer ! Katherine Prez helped me with my excel project ! I helped her with her project on the chart ! We worked though up til Break time ! Christopher he helped me with my excel and her project today in computer !
Elizabeth Lapicola posts a message on 3/12/2005 12:13:55 PM I was talking to Harry today sitting behind and front of me typing & looking upstuff ! KnightAnwar also come today for the speaker ! I have corrected my Miskates on the computer ! I will see if I could do the whole page typing without one miskates ! I eased two times in a sentence on my computer station because I miss a name ! Working on typing for a page today the same line til I get it right on track ! I saw a guy cleanning so I talked to him while he was cleanning the bathroom. We talked about cleanning ! Andrew and Harry, AnwarKnight , Myself typing in class . Today with Charles E. Whitaker in computer class. My teacher was so proud of me for the pass typing ! Two Students came into both woman ! Cathrine and NIcole on 125th street typing today I lose my sequence and organization on the computer ! AndrewG. , CarlosWhite, AnwarKnight plus christopher M .! A new guy came into computer class today name William M. introducing myself ! The young ladies came in today ! I talk to Rita a little bit today on 125th street ! We typed for a while today with Harry , Anwar Knight , AndyG and ChristopherM ! I saw Mr. Charles E Whittaker plus Cathrine P. ! We had a seminar today with an interviewing pratice on 125th street and Lennix avenue !
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