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Elizabeth Lapicola posts a message on 3/12/2005 11:44:00 AM Oh! I learned how to do charts on the computer with Charles E.Whitaker in the classroom downstairs ! I saw Andyg and Harry new students ! I shake their hand in computer lab ! I saw Anwar Knight and Micheal, John on tuesday ! I am on Harlem and MacolmX Blvd with recruiting Army Base ! Charles E .Whitaker told us there trainning for caparter next store ! We starting to typing test today ! I was on a roll today for a couple of days ! AndyG., Harry and John today at Harlem and MacolmX Blvd ,LennixHill ! We learned on our own in the computer typing class. HarryCJr totally open to me about the office assistant! I was typing in the back Andy G. ! Harry being upfront typing at Harlem and Lennix Hill ! The new guy Willam today came in our typing class ! Can not get into my filies for a couple of weeks ! Today results on Mavis Beacon typing is 16 mintues and 55 seconds from my work station computer !
Elizabeth Lapicola posts a message on 3/11/2005 10:58:47 PM I SEE PEOPLE OUTSIDE TODAY ON 125TH STREET ! I came in earlier that was ending with Eward Kim ! I was the only student there today but get a lot done on our project 1# ! I did the typing speed test then a hour later jumped into the bullets , footers, headers but correcting my paragraphs ! I came into listen for class ! : on EwardKim and Jenfir beofe they lefted the door ! the door was stuck for awhile ! The Lady said " Did you lock yourself in !" I saw her going in but I was going out ! I saw cameraman fixing up camera lens on the sidewalk of Harlem and Lennix Hill from Upstairstown subway of 125th street ! I think moved on from here ! (more Tomorrow )
Elizabeth Lapicola posts a message on 3/11/2005 10:43:54 PM MY TEACHER CHARLES E. WHITAKER WAS PROUD OF ME THAT I Find a website on computer though another search ! I did thisyesterday on my break ! The first time I was proud of myself ! So I decided to show Mr. Charles E . Whitaker how I find the Website ! I almost Bump into a guy in Harlem ON 125TH STREET BEOFE GOING HOME !
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