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OldMack posts on 12/1/2006 11:16:11 PM A burnt out writer sitting in his room in a cheap hotel on 42nd with a beat up portable typewriter/laptop computer gazes out the spy flecked window at people going by on the street below. It's cold in the room, but he doesn't feel a thing; he's focused on two men and a girl standing on the corner talking. Suddenly the lights go out. He looks up and down the street and sees that all of the lights in the office buildings, the neon signs, all dark. He can't see to write, so he goes out. The threesome is still on the corner. He decides to follow them. . . .Where will they lead him. Will there be a story in it for him, or merely a novel experience. He decides to chance it and follows the three across the Manhattan Bridge. . . Where is this going to lead him? Back to the neighborhood of his youth? Will he see something new in the old familiar places? Will he be confronted, accosted?

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