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posts on 5/5/2006 1:42:55 PM i cant find any other information about William C. Dietz other than what is in the back of the halo flood book. can any help me AIM: tlozww
William C. Dietz posts on 9/29/2005 6:50:16 PM Phil, As you know just about everything has been done one way or another, but that being said, no, Deathday is not based on a movie. Although once again, the piece parts have certainly been used before, and will no doubt be used again! So, what you're reading is my spin on an alien invasion story. I hope you enjoy it! William C. Dietz
Phil Culver posts on 9/28/2005 5:12:22 PM I've just begun Deathday and find it very similar to a movie I saw years ago. Aliens invade - build temples - Old aliens die when eggs hatch - humans rise up - kill all the aliens. Don't remember the movie title. Is there any relationship here? Movie to book or book to movie? Thanks. phil

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