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cherry posts on 11/24/2005 11:28:00 AM how can i get Yann Martel' email address? i am a university student in China and i want to contact with him.
Sandra posts on 7/24/2005 2:24:16 PM I'm currently doing my grade 12 english CPT. I have to compare 'The Wars' by Timothy Findley and 'Life of Pi' in terms of how both use fragmentation. Through diary entries, interviews and flashbacks- both are fragmented and the theme is enhanced through the use of those three things. Anyone care to help or know any useful reviews that explore the theme of fragmentation? I am deperate for secondary sources.
Sidney posts on 5/30/2005 8:44:38 PM Hey everyone, I am doing a book study on this book and honestly I haven't read it. I have tried but I just can't seem to get through the book I need some questions answered like what the settingis, the characters, conflicts, climax, plot, theme, resolution if anyone can help me please e-mail me!!!! Please I need all the help I can get this determines if I graduate!! THanks for your time

Samir Siddiqui posts on 5/8/2005 5:12:40 PM Is there any interview of Mr. Pi Patel where he has shed light on this story. I mean his version of it. As at the end of the novel one gets a niggling doubt about the entire tiger affair, which should have been found out in Mexico in due course of time had it really existed. Although I wish the tiger story were to be the true story. Moreover quite a few things in the novel such as the blind frenchman and the carnivorous island were indeed out of this world; literally. We do need to hear the real Mr.3.14 speak. Nevetheless an outstanding book; a tale of human courage and triumph against insurmountable odds. Added with this is the divine presence of God mentioned throughout the book which acts as the boy's protector, and is always assuring us that when Tigers befriend Humans, it is not mundane: It is Miraculous! an element of divine. This book is right up there with my favourite-The Count of Monte Cristo.
princess katrina of belmont posts on 3/2/2005 3:16:41 PM i kissed this book when i finished reading it. it was a religeous experience just to read this book. i hope yann martel will write more books just as profoundly moving as this one was to me.
alexandra vernon posts on 2/24/2005 5:17:45 AM this is one of the greatest books i've ever read. the end when Pi told of the cook was very sad and gross. but i loved the way he survived on the boat with Richard Parker for 277 days! although i wasn't to sure who Richard Parker was until Pi explained him. the Carnivorous island was strange and so were the Meerkats, but it was a good twist. if anyone knows were i could find more info on the real Pi that would great.
Josephine De Luca posts on 2/17/2005 3:13:13 AM I am currently in year 12 and I am studying the Life of Pi. I am wanting techniques to show how it displays Imaginative Journeys. Including quotes and language techniques
warmblanket posts on 2/6/2005 5:50:13 AM Awesome book. For me, the beginning is actually kind of dull, but it does get better. I like the humor included so that I can actually laugh even though the story is a sad one. Does anyone know where I can get more information on the real Piscine Patel? And that conversation with the Japanese men, it's not totally accurate, is it?

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