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Keetie posts on 12/30/2008 7:13:35 AM This is what Andrew Crofts is telling us about Nadia in his blog: There is something about this real life fairy tale, in which two young sisters from Birmingham think they are going on holiday to the Yemen, only to find when they get there that their father has sold them as child brides, that seems to catch readers’ imaginations and touch them deeply. It took their mother six years to find them in the bandit-ridden mountains and another two years to get Zana out. Nadia did not escape till many years later, when all their children were grown up.
jaye posts on 12/28/2008 12:03:53 PM If previous messages are true then that would mean that nadia has now been in england for a few years + already! Now I understand the families need for privacy... but I feel somehow that Ive emotionally invested in their story (especially after purchasing and reading all 3 books and lighting a candle for nadia on another website before reading this forum) so I feel that if she is now free and is living in england then why isnt there an official update from zana or miriam???
Talia posts on 12/24/2008 3:17:39 PM Lydia that is true, i agree wih you. it was nadias choice about how her life could be lived after a while, and she chose her new life. i too believe the story was exagerated a bit. i wish both zana and nadia and a happy future.

Lydia posts on 12/24/2008 11:08:49 AM nadia did not "escape" from yemen, her husband, children and herself all came back to england, she was living quite well in yemen as she was living in the city and not in the actual village of makhbana as they moved after a few years. and as for andrew croft he is just living in a dream world with zana, making and exagerating on all the stories to make money on their books. her husband is not a voilent man and her inlaws are actually quite nice. even though they are all living in england they are all close and if nadia wanted to leave her husband she could have but the actual fact is that she is happy. life may have been different for her at first but she adapted well and got on with her life and she always stuck by her childrens side!!!
Noor Mahla Md Ismail posts on 12/18/2008 10:02:48 PM I had just finished reading the book "Without Mercy". I am sad,angry and feel like killing Arabs or anyone who abuse children,girls or women. Prophet Muhammed S.A.W. had protected us the womenfolk and I can't believe there are still Arabs who are doing such inhuman violence. I will not call them Muslims because Muslim man will not do such ruthlessness on any children,girls or women. MAY ALLAH PROTECT US FROM SUCH ANIMALS.
Rachel posts on 12/10/2008 7:52:00 AM nadia and her family are back in england and have been for 3 years, along with her husband. ive been told this by a very reliable family friend of nadias
girl posts on 12/10/2008 6:04:54 AM What is the name of the second book? I have read the book over and over and i never thought that could happen until i read that book.I would like to see what happens to Nadia so please tell me the title of the second book!
Talia posts on 11/28/2008 1:48:44 PM There we go then. thanks jill.
Jill posts on 11/28/2008 9:43:04 AM Do a Google search for: andrew crofts sold at auction. He writes in his blog that Nadia did escape after the children were grown.
Talia posts on 11/7/2008 4:29:14 PM People continue to ask if nadia is back. There is no way we will find out in this Message Board, Unless Zana notices and replies. If Nadia was back it probably wouldnt be in the papers as she would probably want a low profi;le life after all the hassle. I fear we wont ever know the truth of Nadias current where abouce.
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