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angel posts on 8/21/2008 4:23:45 AM Kelly,I think you should read the books again.Maybe you didn't understand it.Yes Miriam lost 2 children more and maybe she could have known what will happen with Nadia and Zana.But all of them had and maybe have still a terrible life there in Jemen,so don't say,Nadia has a nice life what she can enjoy.Crazy to think that someone could be happy under this conditions.And grown up in a much better life than they had all this years in Jemen.
anonymous posts on 8/21/2008 2:29:16 AM Kelly, Miriam had to going through a big manipulation 1980. how can you judge Zana and Miriam so hard...have you read all their books?! The lows have maybe change here in west, but don,t be so naiv..Zana is a person who no that her and Nadias lives is in Gods hand, not in hers!
Kelly posts on 8/20/2008 6:05:45 PM Listen i no u all care about Nadia, but does any1 ever think about the other side of the story? Miriam already lost 2 kids (Ahmed & Laila) so why did she let Zana & Nadia go? She must of known what was going on! and dont u all realise that Zana's version of the story caused Nadia all this pain an heartache and trouble! That might be the case in Zana's eyes but maybe Nadia really is happy? y does every1 paint such a morbid picture about this girls life? She is a muslim and lives by her beliefs!can no1 give her credit 4 doing wha she feels is right by her? U all give her sympathy, if she was so unhappy she wud of gone!u all listen 2 one side of a story and beleive it???? I hope she has had a great life in Yemen and since 1980's laws have changed so much! if she really wanted 2 leave i believe she wud of! Zana wants to b ashamed of herself causing all this heartache and trouble, what wil be wil be our lives are in gods hands not Zana Muhsens!

Carole posts on 8/17/2008 6:25:49 PM I like many others was sadend by the 2 books, and would be delighted to know if nadia was back in england.Please zana if u read this tell us if she is back with u.You know everyone is unsure what is happening just now.Thinking of you both.
angel posts on 8/12/2008 3:38:39 AM The problem is,that we don't have any information,and it seems noone is interested to give us some.I think weather Nadja is dead or she is back home or she still lives there and has to accept this.
Talia posts on 8/9/2008 12:13:47 PM Cal you are absolutely right. We should hear fro the ones tha have set this up to know if they are ok, and we should also think of all the others out there who had to same awful outcome. i myslef know nothing of them since i am only 14.
Cal posts on 8/8/2008 7:51:22 AM In my opinion, Zana or her family need to leave a message here, just to clarify Nadia and the children's situation. Without this, we will all keep on guessing. There are reported to be many girls in the Yemen, forced into the same lives as Nadia/Zana. My heart goes out to them. They have not had the same publicity showing their plight. Does anyone have/know of information regarding these women who are forced to stay there?
Talia posts on 8/8/2008 6:39:19 AM But Mohamed is still part of the problem yeah. Gowad is the biggest to blame, and the dad. I cant understand how any one can actually sell a human being, let aone one that they have both made and watched grow up.
angel posts on 8/6/2008 4:14:40 AM Maybe she was or is still afraid of Mohammed,I don't know.But he is or was the solution for their problems.They only had to put so much pressure on him so he had to take his daughter and kids out of the Jemen.
Geneen posts on 8/5/2008 10:19:29 PM I know this is probably in poor taste to say, but as a mother of two children (Omar and Nadia), I often wondered why Miriam did not hire someone to "dispose" of Mohammed, so that Nadia would be free to leave since no longer married to Gowad's son. She seemed to have so much money to travel back and forth, so much time, so much energy and heartache expended in the whole affair. I guess her children would still be unable to leave then anyway.
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