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Wlla posts on 12/28/2011 6:05:36 PM Nadia did NOT come back to England -that was a fake post saying she did. She has been confirmed to still be in Yemen with her children, sadly.
abu posts on 11/2/2011 8:31:28 AM namaste bhaisaab mera naam akshay kumar aur mei shah rukh khan ko pyaar karta hoo
eleni posts on 6/18/2011 2:09:44 PM I am so happy that Nadia is back in England. I have just finished the book and i feel like these girls are my own family. Are we sure that Nadia is back? Can someone tell me the official facebook page? Do you know if Zana Muhsen has a facebook account?

Khadijah Hannigan posts on 6/16/2011 10:11:18 AM Ahamdulillah!!! I am sooooooooooo happy to hear that Nadia finally was able to escape to England. Just finished the book "A Promise to Nadia" after reading "Sold". I was so let down that at the time of the printing of these books, that Nadia was still in the Yemen. Upon further searches, I discoved that Nadia finally made it to England. Jazakallah Kairun!!! May God always watch over and protect Nadia, Zana, their Mum and families. Please know that you are in my duas. Congratulations to Zana!!!! :-)
Barbara posts on 6/6/2011 10:24:50 AM I am very, very pleased to read that Nadia is back home. I read the books over and over again and wondered if there was any news, and now after all those lost years finally good news! I am very interested how they let her go. I wish the family all the best and I'm glad that they are reunited. let it be a lesson for other people!
AJ posts on 4/18/2011 7:15:52 PM Is she really back, how authentic are these messages, I tried to FB Jana Wain and got nowhere. Are we just being passified and does the tyranny still go on in the Yemen for Nadia or has she been back in the UK for the last 8 years..........I wonder??? Perhaps someone could post some pics if at all possible........
Fathima Ally posts on 3/13/2011 7:43:20 AM This book was an excellent book.Islam is a religion of peace and dignity. The Prophet (Muhammad - pbuh) would turn over in his grave if he knew what was been happening in Saudi in the name of Islam. The Prophet (saw) was the first feminist - he upheld womens rights and even married a few elderly woman with no one to help them in order that they not starve or be unprotected. Saudi Arabia's version of Islam is a travesty and DEFINITELY NOT ISLAM. Islam is a religion of peace and maintains again and again in the Quran that women, orphans and the poor be protected and taken care of. Please do not close your mind to Islam based upon a look at socalled Islam in Saudi. They pervert the true meaning of Islam to serve their own ends, as also happens in Afghanistan. If you learn the true meaning of Islam you will realize the Saudi governments "offical Islam" is nothing but a parody and a lie.I hope Nadia returned to england!
Tasleem posts on 12/18/2010 11:27:21 AM Alhumdolilah Im so please that Nadia is back and feel deeply for both sisters. I had to go through something much the same as you girls but by the grace of Allah it was not as severe. Unfortunately in my case I have lost all my family my mother was the root cause of the problem and my sisters backed her up. I have no family and had to battle this out alone until I met my second husband who helped me all the way. When I think back and read your story I realise how lucky I was to have escaped as quick as I did otherwise I guess i would still be living in Pakistan with starngers living in condition unbearable to think about. This happened 7 years back but to date it haunts me and I have never been able to share or find someone who understands my situation. The community I live in has disowned me for not doing as I was forced to. I guess your books gave me a bond and I don't feel lonely anymore not that I would wish anything like this upon anyone. I wish you girls all the happiness in the world - you deserve it x As for people posting comments Islam is a religion of peace and the women are given the highest priority in Islam. Unfortunately for those people who like to bend rules and change the scripture to fulfill their own selfish needs ruin the religion. We cannot blame religion or any specific countries for this kind of behaviour as it happens worldwide even in coutnries like USA, UK, Europe, there is nothing wrong with the government in these countries so why do things go unnoticed. I never blame religion foe what happened to me I blame ignorance. Infact I am in some ways glad I have been through this in life. It has made me wiser, grateful and more appreciative of the one who created us.
Marilyn Maxwell posts on 12/18/2010 5:37:46 AM I too have wondered what happened to Nadia and am both amazed & happy she is now reunited with her family. There is nothing worse than the treatment meted out by some ignorant countries protected by their prejudices & politicians. If there is a follow up book I wish someone would let me know the name so I can follow what happened. Marilyn .. Australia
Sam posts on 12/10/2010 7:46:52 PM I can't believe it - she's home??!! 8 years ago, I was deeply involved in an online push to get Nadia sent home. We approached Amnesty Int., every relevant government official. Heck, we even contacted Oprah Winfrey about it and NOT A SINGLE person could or would help. I just happened to do a search to see what was happening and not expecting much, knowing how Islamic nations tend to treat their women, and lo and behold she's home!!!! Could someone please email the details of the facebook page that updates her progress??? Or post the name I need to search for??
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