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natriysha posts on 10/18/2009 4:31:19 AM hi..ihv read only z 1st book of z story..this make me cry loadssss...even at night i could'nt sleep thinking what would happen to nadia n her kids...sometimes while sitting alone i try put myself in her place...what would i do???....its very difficult to find z 2nd part after reading what NAS z friend of NADIA comments i dont know what to thk now......r they really doing this for money????? Watever ZANA you have been a great sister....still keep your courage n may god bless u all...n am really happy to know by others that nadia is back.......
tanya posts on 10/14/2009 5:37:45 AM wow i cant belive what your dad did to you both, i really need to know how nadia is doing, is she home yet, dose any one know for real if she is home. i have two children and cant belive any man could do what he did, and what you both went through is just hard to sum up into one word. please god if there is one out there let nadia be home with her mum and sister, you have all my familys love and support, all 50 of us. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tanya from ireland xxxxxxxxxxxx
angelique posts on 10/6/2009 8:06:40 AM I want to offer my heart felt support to you. You and your mother are an inspiration. Your tenacity and strength of character is so inspiring. I have so much admiration for you both and feel that you are both true inspirations for any women doubting herself in an abusive relationship. Can i ask if Nadia is still in Yemen? how is she if she is and how is her health, as in your mother's book she expressed serious consern for her due to the continual childbirths she was going through. I finally want to offer any support I can, I am only an English teacher with little influenece, however if you ever need additional support to the huge network you undoubtily have. My regards, thoughts and heart are with you. Angelique

jenny posts on 9/27/2009 8:14:56 AM i have already read the books and i am really socked... does anyone know if nadia lives in the uk or is just a rumour??
Sofia posts on 9/22/2009 5:50:57 AM Apres avoir lu ce livre ou Zana Muhsen raconte son Histoire un ta de chose c mélanger dans ma tete comment ont elle fait pour tenir, pour continuer a se battre encore aujourd'hui, ... Que dieu vous protège vous avez su vous battre contre des Hommes qui se créent leur lois, qui ne vivent sans règles mis a part le respect de l'homme. Pour des hommes musulman il sont décevant! la femme est égale a l'homme, Dieu la respecte autant que l'homme alors pourquoi vouloir toujours rabaisser la femme ? J'aimerai savoir ou en est cette Histoire si nadia es sauvé challah... Que dieu vous protege toute les deux vos enfants et votre mère. Quand a Mr Muhsen quand est il ?
rachel posts on 9/16/2009 11:03:41 AM i can 100% confirm that nadia and her family along with her husband are back in the uk,Jana Wain can and has confirmed this to me in person
chloe posts on 9/9/2009 5:21:20 AM If you google Andrew Crofts and look at his blog he does say that Nadia returned to the UK.
sophie posts on 9/7/2009 10:32:48 AM you book is perfect !i would like to know what happened with she still there or she reterned home?
Tija Korunovski posts on 8/25/2009 1:17:54 AM Ive read Zana's & Miriums books & i get angrier the more times i read them. I just read them for the 4th time and still im disgusted at the father and the British government equally. I was kidnapped when i was 3 & being an Australian with a yugoslave father & Aussie mum, to think this could've happened 2 country got me out after 3mths. What Britain continues 2 allow happen is simply criminal. Nadia is as English as i am Australian, how can Britain allow Nadia 2 suffer, AGAINST HER WILL i will never know. I wish i could do something. It breaks my heart. My love, prayers & wishes go to Zana, Mirium and of course Nadia. Tija xx
Caroline Watson posts on 8/19/2009 3:26:28 PM I want to say that its true that Nadia is still in the Yemen,and not as the person claiming to be a member of the Muhsen family in the UK happy and living her life. Nadia doesn't have a life or at least no free will because that was took from her in 1981 when she was tricked by her oh so lovely dad and family to go on a Holiday to Yemen,was married and sold off,and that was the last time she set eyes on the Rotunda tower in Birmingham,1981 when she was just 14. And yes she may have said in public its her own choice to stay in Yemen,wouldn't anyone if they knew there was a good beating in store for them if they didn't,oh and also a good beating for her kids to show her the error of her ways or so to speak. People can be very uneducated on this topic and it has took a strong person such as Zana,and their mum Miriam to tell what happened,is still happening,and will continue because theres not enough people in the governments that care,even though Nadia is a full British subject,and was when it happened. If with this case and many others like it,there was more doing something and not just thinking and saying action that can be took,people like Nadia can be kept safe from this continuing to happen,and by the persons own family.
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