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heli GL posts on 8/15/2009 6:53:49 AM I have just finished SOLD and until i get to read the second one - i looked to see if anything had changed . I'm shoked to see that Nadia is still there. i'm even more shoked to read one of the viewer here that said that not all is white and black and she probably wants to stay there - have you not read the book? she will not leave her kids - why the UK not letting her husband come with her ???? that will solve the all thing. Red Tape - the most terrible problem of our modern world. Does anyone know if Zana has a web site? will keep looking. just wanted to strengthen Zana's hands from Israel. your voice is heard all over the world!! Wish there was more we could do!
GvB posts on 8/8/2009 10:08:38 AM I cannot believe she wásn't forced to stay.. (they wouldn't let her leave with the children, thats for sure). If you're practically dying and forced to have one baby after another... I'm willing to believe she is a true muslim, but not that she is/was there in Yemen out of free will/voluntairy. I really hope that she is back in the UK, with the children i hope, and wish them all the best..
Kahdija posts on 8/3/2009 5:04:29 PM I understand that u have all read the 1st book(sold) but have u all read the follow up? In the 2nd book it shows this lady is now a true muslim woman, who loves her family. u r going on that Yemen is this bad place, but have u all been there? do u no all the facts? This girl was asked publicly if she wanted 2 come back 2 the UK and she said she wud not go anywere without her family. Yemen has its trouble like any other country and probably more! But this girl accepted Allah and the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), dont you ever wonder weather she did this because of her own beliefs and not because she was "forced" to? If her life was so bad then why is she still alive? You people need to reliase that there is 2 sides 2 every story, and it sickens me that u all pick the most synical story 2 believe! if this story is true then this woman (Allah have Mercy on her) will as she knows get her reward in her next life, but plz ppl remember not everthing is as black and white as it seems, and not everything we read is true.

danielel gregory posts on 8/3/2009 11:36:44 AM cannot believe the ending!!! really would like to know whats happened to her sister still stuck in that terrible country and nightmare??? anyone know? i would of left my child too.
Natalia posts on 7/31/2009 5:50:05 PM i cant explain words what i feel. the book "sold" was passed on to me by co-worker and from the time i began it till the second i finished-just now- my heart feels heavy. i hope in all my heart that nadia is ok, i pray that things for your family get as close to normality as possible. i read some info on wiki pedia that i think is false. you should get that changed. ive grown to love you zana, and your every bit of woman i hope to also are an inspiration
Nicky posts on 7/27/2009 4:34:31 PM I've just finished SOLD too. I am wondering the same thing. Perhaps we should email Eileen at the Observer (If she is still working there). That or write letters to the Yemen emabssy in London. Surely if Nadia has dual citizenship and wishes to come home to where she was born she should be granted. Maybe, its the matter of getting Amnesty International to petition her release??
Andrea posts on 7/21/2009 6:10:27 AM Its couple years ago the last book was written, is there anyone who knows anything about Zana and her family? Hope the best
Sharon posts on 7/20/2009 9:48:16 PM Zana and family. I'm from Australia and have just finished reading SOLD & PROMISE TO NADIA and I am so saddened and shocked to realise this is still going on. It is unacceptable that Nadia has not been rescued and given the chance to live a normal life of raising her children like we all have, not to mention that you shouldnt have been taken away in the first place. Please know that our thoughts and love are with you. Have you had any postive progress??
glenda posts on 7/11/2009 5:35:07 AM I'll pray for your sister, for you and your family.
rosaria posts on 7/7/2009 7:47:49 AM Ciao...sono italiana e ho letto Vendute e Ti salverò....sono senza parole di fronte ad una tragedia così grande...e ancora di più mi sconvolge la completa assenza delle autorità inglesi...Come possono permettere che Nadia continui a soffrire così, e come possono permettere che che sia schiava di una vita che non le mio cuore è con voi....
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