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Nikki posts on 11/11/2009 4:31:51 PM Zane I absolutely LOVE your books..once i start reading I just can't put the book down till I'm thru with the last page. Truly addictive. I've stayed up all night reading..keep up the good have great talent.
jenea posts on 1/9/2009 4:36:38 PM there soo much i can say but i am soo happy i read all your books i love the books alot and the shows that you put out there too on demand on max i love them all i want to be a writer to but no one to help with that step with me i write the same things you do i would love to meet you in this life time and get one of you current book to please write back what you think i should do to start love mrs.pretty pu$$y
marie posts on 11/23/2008 10:42:12 PM Zane do you have any of your books on audio, and is sex chronicles on DVD,at this time. Or audio. Any thing you have on Audio I would love to buy. Thank you marie

chris4y2qa posts on 11/3/2008 1:18:48 AM hi zane love ur books keep doin the good work.
zo posts on 8/19/2008 4:51:35 PM I read addicted and was trippin. I know Zoe is not real but I swear I was involved with someone just like her. What a trip. This book is very well written and I cant wait to read another Zane book.
Jay posts on 6/20/2007 12:20:16 PM I am in search of Zane books. I enjoy them and would like to purchase more...Where is a popular store that these books can be purchased? Can you please provide me with some info?
jasmine posts on 3/7/2007 12:53:09 PM man this book is great i got done with it in about 3 days it was great. i love her books because i can relate to them
posts on 8/3/2006 4:29:54 PM i read on of ur book and i plan on readin them all keep bringin them book out gurl!
posts on 7/19/2006 10:15:52 PM There is a sequel to that book. What is it called?
Adnamarine posts on 9/24/2005 2:29:48 PM Ok, I'm confused. Is Zane a book? I thought this was some branch of the Amelia Atwater-Rhodes message board b/c she is the author of a book that has a Zane in it. Was I wrong? I probably was. I usually am. ~Adna
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