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Actors: Chris Evans, John Cena, Ashley Scott, Taylor Colea Belle

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A criminal escapes prison to get revenge against the cop who put him in jail, and for his girlfriend dying in the process of his arrest. John Cena plays the lead character, Danny Fisher who is a New Orleans cop on patrol with his partner Hank Carver (played by Brian White). They respond to a FBI call for help apprehending a suspect, Miles Jackson (played by Aiden Gillen), who escaped a FBI sting operation with the help of a dirty FBI agent. Miles is running with his girlfriend Erica (played by Taylor Cole). From the images sent over police communications, Fisher recognizes Erica in another car. They make a traffic stop. Miles come out of the car shooting. He hits Officer Carver injuring him, but not killing him. Erica and Miles drive off. Fisher causes Erica to crash the car. Erica and Miles run away on foot. Erica runs into traffic, is hit, and dies. Miles is caught and arrested. He vows revenge on Fisher, as he is being taken away.
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A short time later, Fisher gets a telephone call at his home from Miles who escaped from jail. Fisher feels like Miles is close. Fisher runs out of the house. The house explodes. Miles tells him he will get his revenge in twelve rounds and this is the first one. Fisher realizes his girlfriend Molly (played by Ashley Scott) is in danger. She has just left to take the ferry. Fisher rushes to the ferry terminal calling Carver on the way. By the time he gets there, it is too late, as the ferry has already left. He gets to the other side but Molly is gone. He calls her phone. Miles answers. Miles tells Fisher if he survives all twelve rounds he will get Molly back.

For round three, Fisher and Carver have to find a specific cell phone from clues they are given. They first go back to where Miles was arrested. They see a GPS location painted on the wall. They go to it. It is a firehouse. They evacuate the firehouse, and then hear a cell phone ringing in the store next door. It Miles saying they passed round three.

Round four makes them go to a bank that is on fire to retrieve two safe deposit boxes. They go there, find them. They have a clock with seven minutes showing on them. Miles calls, tells them to get to Nicholls Street Wharf before the time runs out.

For Round five, Fisher takes a fire truck. Nearing the wharf, the clock runs out and an alarm rings. Fisher throws that box in the water. It explodes. The other box has a key for a hotel room.

For Round six, they break into the hotel room, find it empty except for photos of Molly tied up. They check the video cameras for the hotel. They see that a worker named Willie (played by Peter Navy Tuiasosopo) helped Miles. Willie shows them where he took them in the elevator to the roof. They take the elevator and it stops part of the way to the top. Fisher tries the emergency phone box. There is no phone. Instead, a computer is inside. There is a video on Molly on the laptop that tells them that have one minute to get out of the elevator before it falls. Fisher climbs out of the service door on top, but Willie is too fat to make it. The elevator falls with Willie in it, killing him and breaking a gas main at the same time. They evacuate the hotel and all the surrounding blocks.

Round seven has Fisher go to a certain intersection. Miles tells him on the phone he has a 50/50 chance to be happy. A bus pulls up with the number 5050. Fisher gets on the bus. He is shocked to see both Molly and Miles there, but she is rigged with a bomb. Miles handcuffs Fisher so he cannot leave the bus. The FBI agents try to shoot Miles using a sniper, but miss. Miles and Molly get off the bus, disappearing into the crowd. Fisher is furious because had they killed Miles the bomb would have killed everyone on the bus.

For round eight, they get five numbers. Miles tells them, four of the numbers trigger explosions; one stops the bombs from exploding. They try to figure out the clue but run out of time, so Fisher tries one. Miles answers, saying he was wrong and he just stopped the brakes on a streetcar from working.

Round nine has them chasing after the streetcar to stop it. They crash into a power substation to knock out the electricity so they are able to stop it.

For round ten, Miles tells him he was supposed to kill Deluso (played by Travis Davis) who is the guy that has been helping Miles and round eleven is Miles killing Carver. Miles complains the game is getting too easy. Carver has been tracking Deluso. When Delusoo and Carver enter an old factory, a bomb blows up killing both of them.

For the final round 12, Miles calls Fisher. He says it has been almost exactly one year since his girlfriend died. He tells Fisher that the bomb strapped to Molly will explode and that Fisher should apologize to his dead girlfriend. They rush towards the cemetery where Erica is buried.

They figure out all this game was a diversion so Miles could rob the Mint of 100 million dollars. He took advantage that the area was evacuated due to the gas leak. He used the fire truck Fisher drove there to escape with the money because it is the only type of vehicle that can be in that zone. Now, he plans to escape from the roof of the hospital, where Molly works as a nurse, using a medical rescue helicopter.

Fisher figures out where Miles and Molly are. Just in time, he gets on the helicopter with them. He fights with Miles and overpowers him. Fisher and Molly jump to safety just as the helicopter explodes.
Best part of story, including ending: Until the end, Miles is one-step ahead of them, which makes the chase very exciting.

Best scene in story: I like scene when they figure out this was all a setup for a robbery because it is very surprising.

Opinion about the main character: He does not give up and saves his girl in the end, which is the kind of happy ending everyone likes.

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Plot & Themes

Composition of Book Actual chase scenes or violence 80%Planning/preparing, gather info, debate puzzles/motives 20% Time/Era of Movie:    -   present 2000+ Crime & Police Story?    -   Yes Criminal enemy is...    -   bad vigilante getting revenge

Main Character

Identity:    -   Male Profession/status:    -   police/lawman Age:    -   20's-30's Ethnicity/Nationality    -   White (American)


United States    -   Yes The US:    -   Deep South City?    -   Yes City:    -   New Orleans

Writing Style

Accounts of torture and death?    -   gory visuals of deaths Kind of violence:    -   guns Any profanity?    -   A lot of foul language

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