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Actors: Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Danny Glover, Christina Ricci

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The wolf packs have a particular pecking order. The alphas are the leaders. The omegas are the followers. Humphrey (with the voice of Justin Long) is the lowest omega possible. He spends his time goofing around, not doing anything very important, but everybody likes him because he is so friendly. He falls in love with Kate (with the voice of Hayden Panettiere). She is the daughter of the wolf pack leaders who are both alphas. Her dad Winston (with the voice of Danny Glover) is the alpha male and her mom Eve (with the voice of Vicki Lewis) is the alpha female. Kate's parents want her to follow in their footsteps to become the next alpha leader of the pack. Kate is taken away to be trained as an alpha by her father. She returns from the training ready for the hunt.
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There is a rival pack of wolves called the Eastern wolf pack ready to go to war with Kate's pack called the Western one, because there is a lack of animals to hunt and they are starving. The Eastern wolves come into the Western territory and disturb Kate's first hunt, causing her to lose the food. To keep the peace, Kate's father wants her to marry the son Garth (with the voice of Chris Carmack) of the leader Tony (with the voice of Dennis Hopper) of the rival pack. Kate's agrees, but when she sees Humphrey again, she is not so sure it is such a good idea to marry Garth. While they are talking about this, some rangers shoot Kate and Humphrey with tranquilizers. They take them from their park in Canada to a far away location in Idaho.

In Idaho, they meet with a goose named Marcel, (with the voice of Larry Miller) who plays golf with a duck named Paddy (with the voice of Eric Price). They tell them the rangers brought them to create a new pack of wolves since the wolf population is depleting in Idaho. Humphrey loves the idea, but Kate insists they go back home. Back home the wolves are ready to go to war because Kate is missing and cannot marry Garth as planned. Kate and Humphrey stowaway in a camper trailer to catch a ride. When they stop for gas, Humphrey eats a creamy pie. When the people see him they think he is rabid so they chase Humphrey and Kate away. The goose and the duck catch up to them. They tell them to cross the mountains in a train. Humphrey and Kate get in a fight with some grizzly bears on the way, but jump on the train just in time.

The full moon comes which causes Humphrey and Kate to howl together. They are falling in love. Back at their home, Garth howls with a wolf from his own pack who he loves called Lilly. In contrast to these romantic moments, the wolf packs declare war. When Kate and Humphrey arrive back home, Kate quickly sees the only way to stop the war is too marry Garth. She tries but she cannot go through with it. In the middle of the ceremony there is a stampede by a herd of caribou. Kate almost gets trampled to death, but she is saved by Humphrey. The close call softens the fighting and the wolf packs agree to make peace letting Kate marry Humphrey and Garth marry Lilly.
Best part of story, including ending: The adventures Kate and Humphrey go on together are fun, plus the golfing goose and duck are really funny.

Best scene in story: It is romantic when Humphrey and Kate howl at the full moon.

Opinion about the main character: The good thing is with enough courage they are allowed to break down the barricades of social class and the ones who love each other can be together.

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Plot & Themes

Time/era of movie:    -   2000's+ (present) Animal or Object Story    -   Yes Kind of animal or object:    -   fox/wolf If a cartoon...    -   animated cartoon Animal talks?    -   Yes

Main Character

Identity:    -   animal Age:    -   a teen


Forest?    -   Yes

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