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Actors: Hugh Dancy, Sharon Stone, Indira Varma, Charlotte Rampling

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A psychiatrist deals with a female patient who is suspected of being a murderer. Sharon Stone plays the lead character Catherine Tramell. She races a sport car through the tunnels and streets of London, while her boyfriend fingers her. She crashes the car into the river. She escapes letting him drown. She is questioned by the police Detective Roy Washburn (played by David Thewlis). They find Ketamine (a sedative) and DTC (a poison which causes paralysis) in the blood tests of the man who died. They give her an evaluation by a psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Glass (played by David Morrissey). She flirts with the doctor and toys with him. He tells her she cannot smoke. She ignores this and smokes anyway. She is a writer. She has a risk addiction according to the doctor.   He testifies to the court she will continue to take greater risks until it results in her own death.
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Adam Towers (played by Hugh Dancy) has married the ex-wife of Dr. Glass. Adam is a reporter. He tries to get information from Dr. Glass about one of his patients who went crazy and then killed his pregnant girlfriend. Catherine Tramell is released when the evidence against her is tainted by the corrupted testimony of the drug dealer who sold her the DTC. Catherine comes to see Dr. Glass. He shows compassion for her and her problems. She admits she was having a fantasy for weeks prior to the accident about exactly what happened. She wants to go into therapy, but only with him. He refuses at first and wants to refer her to another doctor. This makes her very upset. She offers to pay him. She does not want help from another doctor. He agrees to set up an appointment with her to talk when they are not rushed.

When she comes back, he talks to her about her fantasies of death and sex. She says it is her work as a writer which creates the need to come up with new ways to combine death and sex to excite her readers. He will not let her smoke in the office. She tells him, she spoke with Adam and she knows about his case where the patient went crazy. She toys with him and asks if he will honor confidentiality. He agrees to keep anything from the past under confidentiality but if she tells him about someone she wants to harm in the future he would have to report her to the police. He takes her on as a patient.

She tells him, in the past, she had a boyfriend who was a cop. He used to take her to murder scenes right after a murder, then afterwards have sex in his car, which excited her. She tells Dr. Glass she has crazy sex all the time which is so easy to forget. She says though the sex is great, it is not memorable. She says if she was with someone right before they died she would remember much easier. Catherine Trammel meets the colleague of Dr. Glass, a woman named Dr. Gardosh (played by Charlotte Rampling) at a party. It becomes clear to Dr. Glass she is stalking him. She was invited to the party by Doctor Gerst (played by Heathcote Williams) who is offering Dr. Glass a chance at an improved professional position.   Catherine puts the moves on Dr. Glass by inviting him for a drink. He refuses. He takes out another woman, named Michelle (played by Flora Montgomery) instead. Michelle and Dr. Glass have wild sex. He is thinking of Catherine and he gets very aggressive while having sex with Michelle to the point where he hurts her.   In the middle of it, he is called by his ex-wife as an emergency. He rushes to where she is. It is Adam's place. Adam is dead. He finds something, by stepping on it. He saw this same thing before, which was handed to him by Catherine who asked him to put them in her purse for her at the party. He throws it in the thrash. Dr. Glass is questioned by Detective Washburn. The Detective finds the thing Dr. Glass recognized, which was thrown in the trash.

Catherine tells Dr. Glass she was sleeping with Adam as well. She says even his ex-wife knew about it. She asks him how he thinks about having sex with her. She says she masturbates thinking about him. She terminates therapy and tells him to send her the bill. She walks out. He goes to his favorite coffee shop. He has sex with the woman there in the back room after the shop closes.

Det. Washburn comes to interrogate Dr. Glass about his whereabouts the night before, on the night when Adam was killed. Dr. Glass has an alibi which he gives the police detective of the name of the woman he had sex with the night before. Dr, Glass tries to reach Catherine by telephone but she ignores his messages. Dr. Glass goes with Dr. Gardosh to visit Dr. Gerst to have his interview for the new professional position. He sees Catherine there. Catherine talks with Dr. Gardosh in the garden while Dr. Gerst questions Dr. Glass about his problem with the patient who killed someone while under his care. Dr. Gerst challenges him to explain how can he be sure Dr. Glass will not break down again and have another patient who commits murder. After this meeting Dr. Glass follows Catherine. He sees her pay a man who has brutal sex with her. He watches her through the glass window. She sees him watch her. Dr. Gardosh and Dr. Glass talk over what is happening. Dr. Gardosh tells him to terminate the therapy with Catherine, which Dr. Glass says this was already done by Catherine herself. Dr. Gardosh insists he give Catherine her number if she calls him again.

Dr. Glass is confronted by Detective Washburn. Det. Washburn says his ex-wife is the one who says Dr. Glass knew his ex-patient Cheslov was going to kill his girlfriend before he did it. Dr. Glass confronts his ex-wife in a bar who admits telling confidential stuff about him t both the reporter and the police. She told Adam, who is dead, and she told the police the same thing; the reason Dr. Glass had a break-down was he knew his patient had the idea of murder. But Dr. Glass says to his ex-wife, there is a difference between suspecting this and knowing it. They have a very public argument. His ex-wife runs away. He follows her. A few minutes later, he finds her with her throat cut in another restaurant restroom. Dr. Glass is detained by the police, but after Catherine shows up at the police station, Det. Washburn lets him go. Dr. Glass finds Catherine at her home. Catherine tells him the character in her book is what she is researching. It is a psychiatrist obsessed with his patients who turn out to be killers. They have crazy violent sex. Catherine strangles him with a belt, but only to make the sex more exciting, not enough to kill him. After sex, he finds a vial of drugs in her refrigerator. He takes it. He gives it to Det. Washburn asking him to analyze it.

Dr. Glass learns Det. Washburn has a record of police corruption. He realizes Catherine has been manipulated by Det. Washburn. He thinks Det. Washburn planted the evidence against Catherine. She tells him it is insulin. Det. Washburn tells him it is DTC, the poison. Dr. Glass is conflicted and does not know who is telling the truth, Catherine or the corrupt police detective. Det. Washburn takes him to the brothel where he saw Catherine have the rough sex. He is recognized by one of the prostitutes as he walks in. He is shown the dead man, injected with the same DTC which matches the vial he took from Catherine's house. He has the same strangulation type of belt around his neck.

Det. Washburn asks him to have Catherine put on a psychiatry ward to keep her from killing another person. Dr. Glass does not have sufficient evidence to violate patient confidentiality. He has a crisis of conscience, knowing one of his past patients turned out to be a killer and he did nothing to stop it. He goes to see Catherine. She admits killing people in the past. She says she killed to protect him. He does not know what to believe. She gives him a copy of her new novel. She offers to have sex with him in the Jacuzzi. She tells him he let it happen again. It is almost like he killed them himself. She says who will she kill next? He attacks her in the Jacuzzi, choking her, and almost drowning her. She likes it. He reads the novel which is about all the real life people. It ends with the confession of the woman in the novel. She will kill the female doctor. Dr. Gardosh does not expect anything. Dr. Glass figures out Catherine is going there to kill her. He calls the police. When he arrives at the house of Dr. Gardosh he finds out Catherine has already arrived and told Dr. Gardosh about the attack Dr; Glass made on Catherine in the Jacuzzi. Dr. Gardosh tells Dr. Glass he will lose his license and needs to go in for treatment. Dr. Glass hits Dr. Gardosh and knocks her out. Catherine tells him Det. Washburn faked all the evidence including killing the girlfriend of Cheslov to get Cheslov convicted of murder. This convinces Dr. Glass that Det. Washburn is responsible for his life falling completely apart. In a rage, Dr. Glass shoots Det. Washburn when he breaks the door. Before Det. Washburn dies he tells Dr. Glass to kill her. Det. Washburn says, is the only chance he has. The police arrive and take the gun away from Dr. Glass before he can shoot Catherine.

Later, Catherine comes to visit Dr. Glass with the copy of her new book with a better ending. In the book, the doctor is revealed as the real killer. In the book, the doctor tries to blame the novelist by using her as smoke screen.   Dr. Glass is revealed to kill the reporter, his wife, the detective, and the doctor knew he would be determined to be unfit to stand trial so he ends up in a psychiatric institution. Catherine tells him to come back soon, because she misses him.
Best part of story, including ending: This story has so many surprising plot shifts, even at the end, it is not completely clear what the truth really is, and who did all the murders, which makes it very interesting.

Best scene in story: I like the scene when Dr. Glass is surprised to see Catherine is with Dr. Gerst who he wants to impress for a new professional career advancement, because it seems like she is everywhere in his life no matter which way he turns.

Opinion about the main character: Dr. Glass seems to be the victim throughout the whole story, until the end when it appears he was the murderer and got away with most of what he did, which is a very big surprise.

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Plot & Themes

Composition of Book Actual chase scenes or violence 50%Planning/preparing, gather info, debate puzzles/motives 30%Feelings, relationships, character bio/development 20% Time/Era of Movie:    -   present 2000+ Crime & Police Story?    -   Yes Taboo Sex Story?    -   Yes Kind of story:    -   really kinky sex!!! Blackmail & Seduction    -   Yes

Main Character

Identity:    -   Male Profession/status:    -   doctor Age:    -   40's-50's Nudity    -   Chest and Buttocks Ethnicity/Nationality    -   British


City?    -   Yes City:    -   London

Writing Style

Accounts of torture and death?    -   gory visuals of deaths Sex/nudity in movie?    -   Yes What kind of sex:    -   seeing breasts    -   seeing nude male butt    -   seeing full frontal--women Kind of violence:    -   hand to hand Unusual forms of death    -   asphyxiation Any profanity?    -   A lot of foul language

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