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Actors: Cedric the Entertainer, Lucy Liu, Nicollette Sheridan, Mark Dacascos

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A janitor gets hit on the head and mistakenly thinks he is a spy. Cedric the Entertainer plays the lead character of Jake Rodgers. He wakes to find he is in bed with a dead man. His head is bleeding and he does not remember what happened. He cannot remember even his name. He finds only a hotel storage check receipt in his pocket. The wallet of the dead man shows he is a FBI agent. He finds a briefcase full of money. He takes the briefcase, runs out of the room with it. In the hall, he runs into a hotel staff person who is there to refill the mini-bar. The hotel staff sees the dead man in the room. He gets in a elevator. An elderly woman enters after him. He has a flashback of a military operation. He spanks the woman reliving the flashback. She likes it.
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He is stopped, in the lobby, by a blond woman, Diane (played by Nicollette Sheridan) who calls him Jake. She helps him escape when the police arrive at the hotel. He keeps having brief flashbacks about what happened but not enough memory to figure out what really happened. She starts crying because he cannot remember she is married to him. She takes him to a big fancy country house. He cannot believe this is his home. He meets his butler Simon (played by Robert Clarke). He is examined by a doctor (played by Kevin McNulty). Jake asks his butler to go to the store and buy him candy. He plays some golf outside hitting wild shots. He takes a rest and remembers more of the military action. The doctor tells Diane, one way to help him get his memory back is with sexual stimulation. She seduces him and asks him about the computer chip. The doctor gives her a shot of speed and sodium Pentothal to use on Jake. Jake overhears their plan. Jake escapes from the house before Diane can drug him.

The FBI investigating the murder at the hotel get a photo of Jake from the video surveillance. Jake sneaks back into the hotel disguised as a guy from the Danish dance troupe. They clog dance for the audience in the hotel ballroom. Jake gets an envelope using the hotel check receipt. It has a security entrance card for Digital Arts. He drives there, parks in front. He thinks he is being signaled by a man in a car, but the guy is there looking for a sexual hook-up. He waits in a café for the Digital Arts building to close for the day. The waitress named Gina (played by Lucy Liu) is his girlfriend. She jokes with him, saying he is a killer of the code name “The Cleaner.” She tells him he is a janitor who works at the Digital Arts building. Some other guys he works with come into the café. He asks Gina to show him where he lives.

Diane comes into the Digital Arts building. She talks with another guy about the problem, Jake stole company property. The FBI interviews the other janitors about Jake. Gina takes Jake to her house. She has his phone and his work shirt with Jake's name on it. Jake thinks he is a super spy. Jake thinks Gina is his girlfriend. Jake tells Gina about Diane claiming to be his wife. The FBI arrives and they run away. The FBI Agent chasing Jake and Gina is a corrupt agent working for Diane. They are looking for the X-1 chip. They think Jake may be an undercover agent. Jake and Gina go to a motel. Jake tells her about the briefcase full of money and about the dead guy. Jake has another military flashback. He remembers he is a colonel. Riley (played by Will Patton) calls Jake on his telephone and tells him to meet him at the airport. Riley tells him he was meeting with the FBI at the hotel and afterwards headed to Boca Raton. Jake is shot at. He runs out. Diane's goons kidnap him. She demands Jake return the chip. They give him sodium Pentothal. They ask him where the chip is hidden. He says it is under his castle protected by his dragon. Gina saves him. Gina has a gun. She kills one of the goons with it and throws the other from the roof of the car, so they get away. Gina tells Jake, she is a federal agent. She tells him the video game contained classified information.   Jake remembers getting the chip from Riley, and it contains a spy chip. Gina takes him to the computer store to show him he is remembering things from the video game he plays called “Colonel Bowman”.

Gina and Jake go back to Jake's house. Riley has left messages on Jake's voice mail. He remembers where the chip is hidden. They go back to Digital Arts. Jake and Gina break in. Diane has captured Riley. They are there in the building with her other goons.   Jake finds the chip in the boca raton, which means mouth of the rat, on the video game set. Diane's goons catch Gina and Jake. Jake remembers everything. He remembers what happened at the hotel, where the corrupt FBI agent shot the other one, trying to kill Jake to take the chip. Gina has a shoot-out with Diane's goons and the corrupt FBI agent. Jake learns he is just a janitor. Jake takes out one of the men with the floor polishing machine. Two other men slip on the floor. Gina fights the corrupt FBI agent in hand-to-hand combat. Jake knocks him out with a pail. Jake knocks the last guy down with karate chops. Jake is offered to enter the FBI training program, but declines. Gina and Diane fight hand-to-hand. Jake is promoted from janitor to game developer working with Riley. Gina invites Jake to take her out.
Best part of story, including ending: It a funny setup when the janitor forgets who he is in real life and thinks he is some kind of super spy, which is really him acting out scenes from a video game he plays.

Best scene in story: I like the scene when Jake spanks the old woman in the elevator reliving a flashback and she likes it. It is very funny.

Opinion about the main character: Jake is the kind of guy who wants to be somebody else, to escape his life as a janitor. I like when he finally gets his chance to prove himself and he also gets the girl in the end.

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Plot & Themes

Comedy, primarily    -   Yes Time/era of movie:    -   2000's+ (present) Comedy or Parody about    -   spies How much humor v. drama    -   Nearly all humor

Main Character

Identity:    -   Male Profession/status:    -   blue collar Age:    -   20's-30's Ethnicity/Nationality    -   Black american


City?    -   Yes City:    -   wealthy

Writing Style

Accounts of torture and death?    -   explicit references to deaths Sex/nudity in movie?    -   Yes What kind of sex:    -   kissing    -   seeing breasts    -   seeing nude male butt Any profanity?    -   Some foul language

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