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Actors: Natasha Henstridge, Ice Cube, Jason Statham, Clea DuVall, Pam Grier, Joanna Cassidy

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Mars has become an inhabitable planet in the 22nd century. Which means that humanity can live and function just as it does on Earth. Oddly enough the system is largely matriarchal with women in all of the highest positions of government and pretty much everywhere else.
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Officer Ballard and her team is assigned to escort one of Mars' most notorious criminals Desolation Williams to stand trial for all of his crimes. As luck would have it Desolation is holed up at a jail in a distant mining colony waiting for transport. But once the group arrives they discover that the only people around are Desolation and his two lackeys. Something fishy is afoot and what Ballard and her team don't know is that the miners in the town discovered an ancient doorway that housed many of the spirits that once called Mars home and those spirits aren't too happy with the new colonizers.

The crew quickly learn that all of the miners are possessed by the spirits of dead martians and that the spirits can jump from body to body as well. Now, everyone including Desolation must cooperate so that they can make it back to civilization alive and in one piece.

Best part of story, including ending: It's a very unique story in that you don't really run into too many films with alien ghosts in them, it's usually one or the other. Weird antagonists aside, for the most part it's a run-of-the-mill chase film where your protagonists are constantly on the run, and in constant fear of being discovered.

Best scene in story: Ballard and co. Have to make their way to a train while being pursued by the angry former denizens of Mars. While they are running every once in a while they have to stop and fight, and The alien ghosts aren't making it easy for them, they are throwing rocks, spears, saw-blades, and so much more. There is a genuine sense of panic and you just really don't know if they are going to make it in time to get on the train. It's a very thrilling scene.

Opinion about the main character: She was a paper thin as far characters go and she her counter parts really just acted circles around her and were more fleshed out and believable.

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In 2029 Earth Colonizes Mars. A group of five officers are being sent to pick up a prisoner named Desolation Williams. When they arrive the town he is in has been desecrated. Later the group finds that a Martian is possessing the bodies of humans and is going to make Earthlings pay for taking over his planet.
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A squad of cops head to Mars to escort a dangerous prisoner. When they get there they find that the place is overrun with savage ghosts. The squad must team up with the prisoner and a bunch of others to stay alive and to escape the planet.
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John Carpenter cowrote and directed GHOSTS OF MARS in 2001.

Mars, in the year 2176. Natasha Henstridge plays the character of a cop lieutenant whose mission is to bring back by train to Mars central headquarters Ice Cube, charged of several murders, from a mining outpost lost in the martian desert. She finds the town deserted, mutilated corpses and Ice Cube waiting in the local prison. Joanna Cassidy, a scientist coming from an adjacent mine, is one of the last survivors and tells her that her team had found an alien construction hidden in a mine and unvoluntarily unleashed an invisible martian force that has the ability to possess human bodies and turn their hosts into savage murderers. Soon the dozen survivors left are attacked by the local miners and have to find a way out.

A superb résumé of all precedent Carpenter movies. Recommended to the fans of the american master.
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Plot & Themes

Composition of Book Actual chase scenes or violence 62.5%Planning/preparing, gather info, debate puzzle 27.5%Feelings, relationships, character bio/development 10% **Fantasy or Science Fiction?**    -   science fiction story Explore/1st contact    -   Yes Explore plotlet:    -   stranded on alien planet, fighting aliens for survival Horror film?    -   Yes Kind of Horror Story    -   chased by body snatchers/duplicates

Main Character

Identity:    -   Female Profession/status:    -   police/lawman Age:    -   20's-30's Ethnicity/Nationality    -   White (American)


Which planet?    -   Mars Not Earth, but in Solar System?    -   Yes Desert?    -   Yes Misc settings    -   prison    -   fort/castle

Writing Style

Accounts of torture and death?    -   explicit references to deaths    -   very explicit references to deaths and torture Sex/nudity in movie?    -   Yes What kind of sex:    -   kissing Kinds of F/X    -   Things that change shape/morph    -   exploding vehicles    -   exploding bombs    -   nasty human transformations

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