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Actors: Tyler Perry, Loretta Devine, Cassi Davis, Shannon Kane

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This story is about one funny, but seriously dysfunctional family, and how they deal with their mother's death from cancer. Loretta Devine plays the lead character Shirley. Shirley is in the doctor's office. Aunt Bam (played by Cassi Davis) is also there. Dr. Evan (played by Philip Anthony-Rodriguez) tells her that her cancer is worse. Shirley gets Aunt Bam to contact all her family members to get them together so she can explain to them about her cancer. Dr. Evans is also taking care of Mr. Brown (played by David Mann) who needs surgery to remove a tumor. Mr. Brown is in the hospital with Cora (played by Tamela J. Mann) who is his daughter. Mr. Brown will later need blood in the hospital. Cora is not the correct blood type, which means she probably is not his daughter. Across town, Madea gets angry that a fast food place does not serve breakfast when she wants some, so she crashes her car into the restaurant.
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All of Shirley's family comes to her house for dinner. She has one son, Bryon (played by Bow Wow) and two daughters, Tammy (played by Natalie Desselie) and Kimberly (played by Shannon Kane). Bryon brings along his girlfriend Renee (played by Lauren London) and their baby. Tammy comes with Harold (played by Rodney Perry) who is her husband and their two children. Kimberly comes with Calvin (played by Isaiah Mustafa) who is her husband. Kimberly and Tammy fight. Sabrina (played by Teyana Taylor) who is the ex-girlfriend of Bryon also shows up. Sabrina starts a fight with Byron talking about how he deals drugs. Sabrina also manages the restaurant destroyed by Madea's car. They all leave because of the fighting, not giving Shirley the opportunity to discuss here cancer with them. That night Byron brings his new girlfriend Renee back to Shirley's house. They sneak in, then Byron is arrested by the police for not paying his child support payments. Shirley asks Kimberly to help with the bail for her brother. Kimberly says no, but her husband helps with the bail money.

Aunt Bam enlists the help of Madea to get Shirley's kids together again, so Shirley can tell them about the cancer. First Madea sees Tammy and insists she goes to the dinner. Tammy's kids act up and Madea puts them in their place. Then she goes to see Bryon. Bryon has lost his job by being in jail. Then she goes to Kimberly who is a real estate agent. Kimberly is busy showing a house but Madea screams at her until she agrees to come to the dinner.

Once again, at the dinner everyone starts fighting. Tammy tells everyone that Kimberly is Bryon's mother and that she had the baby when she was a teenager. Bryon is shocked, then angry that no one told him, so he leaves. Harold, who normally allows Tammy to get away with anything she wants to do, finally has enough and tells her to stop it. Harold is always weak and Tammy is the boss of the family. This is why their kids act so badly.

After a short time, Shirley gets so ill she ends up in the hospital. Her children come to see her. She says her goodbyes, and then dies. At the funeral, Madea gets upset with all of them because they made Shirley so miserable by fighting all the time. Madea decides to straighten them all out. She starts with Sabrina telling her to stop wasting money and stop using the child as a weapon against Bryon. Madea tells Bryon to get a real job, have a better relationship with Sabrina helping take care of the baby he fathered with her, and stop drug dealing; otherwise, he will end up in jail permanently. Madea tells Renee she had better get her act together as well and stop being so selfish. Madea explains to all of them that Shirley kept it a secret about Kimberly being the mother of Bryon because her uncle raped her when she was a youth. This is why Kimberly is always so angry and treats her husband so poorly. Kimberly starts to treat her husband Calvin better after this. Bryon dumps Renee because she is only thinking about herself. Bryon forgives Kimberly now that he knows what really happened, and because Kimberly is so sorry about how mean she has been. Madea goes with Cora when she takes her father Mr. Brown on The Maury Povich Show to see if Cora is truly his daughter. Madea says Mr. Brown is definitely the father, but the test results show he is not. Madea is shocked by this news. She runs away crying.
Best part of story, including ending: This family is really messed up but that is why everything that happens is so funny.

Best scene in story: I like the scene when Madea drives her car into the fast food restaurant because I have felt like doing that myself when frustrated by the complete lack of customer services in those places.

Opinion about the main character: I like Madea because she is such a powerful old woman. This is funny because you forget he is Tyler Perry (a man) in drag.

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Plot & Themes

Comedy, primarily    -   Yes Time/era of movie:    -   2000's+ (present) Comedy or Parody about    -   dysfunctional family    -   blacks How much humor v. drama    -   Lot of humor, but significant serious drama

Main Character

Identity:    -   Female Profession/status:    -   unemployed Age:    -   60's-90's Ethnicity/Nationality    -   Black american


City?    -   Yes City:    -   Los Angeles

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