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Actors: Milla Jovovich, Oded Fehr, Ali Larter, Iain Glen

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This is the story about how one young woman stops the attempt of an evil scientist to take over the world. Milla Jovovich plays the lead character Alice in this film. There is one true Alice and many clone duplicates of her. A clone Alice wakes up in an empty beautiful mansion setting. She is in the shower. She does not recognize the surrounding or understand anything she sees. She has a vague idea of where she is, but nothing is certain. There is a red dress laying on the bed for her to put on, which she does. She instinctively knows she is in danger and her impulses are to escape. She finds herself in a hallway with laser beams coming at her to slice her into pieces. To escape being cut, she jumps up into the air vent above. She crawls to an exit and finds herself in what looks to be a hospital. A gigantic sling blade almost chops her in half. Then she is killed by gunfire. The leader of the science group, Dr. Isaacs (played by Iain Gleen) arrives, having watched the experiment. He tells his aides to get rid of the dead body, but take a blood sample first. The aides take the dead woman to the surface and throw her body into a large pile of identical females bodies which are other clones of Alice. This is the underground research facility of the global governmental organization. It is secured by a high-fenced perimeter. On the outside of the perimeter are thousands of zombies trying to enter.
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All the zombies have been infected by the T-virus. Dr. Isaacs is trying to discover a cure, which will turn the zombies into docile creatures who can then be enslaved to do the work of putting the Earth back together. The one real Alice is free, having escaped from Dr. Isaacs before. She moves about on a motorcycle, always moving to keep from being detected and caught. She monitors radio signals to listen for calls from human survivors. She hears such a call from a mother who pleads for help for her baby, so she goes to investigate the source of the radio broadcast. It is a trap. Once inside the radio station, she is attacked and they try to kill her by throwing her into a pit of zombie dogs. But her skills are vastly superior and she escapes them leaving them all dead behind.

A convoy of uninfected humans is passing through the area. Dr. Isaacs is told by headquarters he needs to show progress in developing the serum to tame the zombies, otherwise his research will be terminated and he will be replaced. He tells them the original Alice, who has escaped, holds the key to success in his research.

In an abandoned gas station, Alice finds some notes in a journal, which leads her to believe there are parts of Alaska which remain uninfected and are still safe for humans. She hears on the radio a transmission from the convoy stating their location. The convoy clears a motel of zombies but one of the men is bitten by a zombie and becomes infected. She has a nightmare in her sleep which causes her to levitate the surrounding rocks and her motorcycle. When she suddenly wakes from the nightmare, the rocks fall back to the ground and so does her motorcycle, which breaks into pieces rendering it useless. Having no other alternative, she decides to go to the convoy and walks there on foot.

This psychic activity triggers an alert at Dr. Isaacs facility. An artificial intelligence program represented by the holographic image of a little girl, tells Dr. Isaacs they have found the original Alice, who he has been hoping to find for a long time. Dr. Isaacs continues with his experiments to tame the zombies. On one test subject, the drug appears to work, but then the zombie goes out of control and attacks the lab assistants killing them.

Alice approaches the convoy in the morning on foot. While they were sleeping a massive amount crows has taken up position over the camp. The crows are zombies themselves from consuming the carrion of infected humans. They attack the convoy fiercely killing many of the humans even breaking through barricades and windows to do so. Only when Alice arrives do the humans have any chance to survive the attack. Alice sends a massive fire cloud into the air burning all the crows in an instant. Claire (played by Ali Larter) recognizes Alice and is so happy to see her again. Alice tells them of the possibility of safe refuge in Alaska. After the humans bury the dead from the crow attack, Claire asks them to vote about going to Alaska. They vote enthusiastically for trying to get to Alaska. This means they must attempt to re-supply gasoline in Las Vegas.

Dr. Isaacs knows the importance of the original Alice, who is the only human immune to the infection. He pleads with headquarters to have permission to go get her. They deny him. He decides his research is more important than what headquarters thinks, so he launches a mission to get the original Alice himself by faking the voice order of the commanders.

The showdown is in Las Vegas. When the convoy arrives in Las Vegas, at first it appears calm and sadly deserted with the sand dunes having come back in force to cover the town. They see a container buried in the sand. Alice cautions them, and when they open it, zombies come out to attack in a massive force. Dr. Isaacs and his men attempt to capture Alice in the fight, but instead Dr. Isaacs is bitten and now infected. Dr. Isaacs injects himself with a massive dose of the unproven anti-zombie serum. The guards in the facility attempt to put Dr. Isaacs in restraint, but they are not powerful enough to do so.

Alice realizes the only way to Alaska is to steal the helicopter used by the lab of Dr. Isaacs in the desert. They come up with a plan to create a diversion by driving a fuel truck into the perimeter fence in order to breach the compound's defenses and steal the helicopter. The truck crashes into the gate allowing Alice to enter the compound. Alice takes the elevator to the lower levels. The artificial intelligence computer. in the form of a holograph of a little girl, tells Alice where to find Dr. Isaacs and also gives her information about her blood being the cure for the virus. Alice is warned by the computer hologram, Dr. Isaacs will not be easy to contain, but is sent on a mission to the lower depths of the facility to do so.

When Alice arrives below, she finds a grotesquely mutated Dr. Isaacs who challenges her until they both end up in the laser room. The lasers initiate and cut Dr. Isaacs to pieces, but stop just short of harming Alice, since they are being guided by one of Alice's clones. Headquarters has an emergency meeting about losing contact with the U.S. facility. Alice interrupts the meeting with her holographic projection telling the headquarters she is coming after them and bringing a few friends. The camera zooms out to reveal thousands of Alice clones ready to wake up to the call of duty by the one real Alice.
Best part of story, including ending: Alice is super hot and to have an army of thousands of her would be an incredible, unstoppable force. This movie and its previous ones in the series are a good example of how to adapt a video game to a film.

Best scene in story: I like the scene at the end when it is revealed there are thousands of clones of Alice who are now under her control.

Opinion about the main character: Alice is both beautiful and strong. The only thing better than having one of her would to be having the one plus 1,000 clones.

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