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Actors: Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, Kevin Spacey, Anthony Zerbe, Joan Severance, Kristen Childs

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Hear no Evil See No Evil opens in New York City. David Lyons (Gene Wilder) is standing in the street oblivious to the delivery truck that is coming his way. After he realizes there is a truck waiting for him to move the driver calls him a stupid idiot.He yells profanities back at the driver. Wally (Richard Pryor) is being led down the into the subway by his sister Adele(Kristen Childs) when he hears someone yelling curses. He only hears David yelling and responds in kind. He is preparing for a fight when his sister asks him who he is yelling at and tries to deter him. Neither party is fully aware of what is going on.
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On the subway, Wally and his sister have a conversation. It is revealed that Wally is blind and likes to pretend he can see. His sister does not understand and starts talking about Wally needing to find another job since he quit the one he had because the manager/owner treated him like a blind man. She encourages him to find another job.
David is the operator of a newsstand in a building. He is closing up shop when the elevator operator comes over and starts gesturing and talking distinctively, slowly, and loudly. The elevator operator is talking about the fire marshal. David says he does not understand where the rumors that he is deaf are coming from because he is in fact a hearing person. David looks away to lock the news stand ,while the operator is still talking, and responds to the remarks about the fire marshal calling him a pest basically. It seems David did not hear anything the operator said during that time.

Wally and his sister are at the track. He is placing his bets and when he asks for money his sister argues that it is his last 50 dollars. He owes the bookie a lot of money, and Adele tries to dissuade him from betting. She ultimately gives him the money . Looking through binoculars Wally roots for his horse. After the race is over he asks his sister who won and she simply says it wasn't his horse.
The next day Wally is on his way to a job interview. He argues with his sister in her car. She tells him he needs his cane, he refuses, and says he can take care of himself . She watches as he escorts another blind man with a cane across the street directly into the back of a truck where they are both elevated up and into the back of the vehicle.
Wally makes it to his interview at Davids news stand. David is distracted while Wally is talking making for a funny and frustrating encounter. It seems like every time Wally starts talking David turns away so he misses some of what Wally not getting the full story. Eventually Wally and David agree to meet at a bar to “celebrate” but not before Wally discovers David is deaf and David that Wally is blind.
At the bar Wally is talking to two women. One buys him a drink while they talk until David arrives.
After David arrives they talk a bit but due to a misunderstand Wally gets into a fight. David acting as his eyes helps Wally beats the guy up. Annoying another patron of the bar, David also gets into a fight but is still able to help Wally see for the most part. During the fights Wally asks if he has got the job and David says it depends on if they win the fights.

Bloody but still upright Wally and David are sitting in the park eating ice cream. They tell stories related to their disabilities. It isn't said how Wally went blind but he tells the story of feeling sorry for himself on the a beach drinking some champagne his sister gave him. It was then that he decides to live life to the fullest even though he is blind. David was a married actor. He didn't go deaf all at once. He caught scarlet fever and lost his hearing gradually. He left his career when he started missing cues and once he became completely deaf his wife left him. David is fearful of people looking at him and noticing he is deaf. Wally tells him he can help him feel better. David allows Wally to feel his face. Wally says David is a good looking guy and mushes his ice cream cone in Davids hair. Wally asks how David feels and says he looks pretty ridiculous to him. They both laugh.
At the newsstand the next day David is running the register while Wally goes out to get a delivery. While David is out a man comes over looking for "The blind guy". David tells the man that Wally is waiting on a delivery and will be back in shortly. This is said after the man is Wally's bookie and he is looking for his money. The man see's a woman outside that he recognizes and tries to duck behind his arm while pointing. He asks David to read him the back of a Di-Jel pack. David is hesitant but he does what it asked. While his back is turned the man puts a gold coin from a secret compartment of his brief case in the box on the counter with other coins and turns to leave. The woman is already on his heels when he turns. Apparently there was something in the brief case he was suppose to deliver to a third party and the woman,Eve, had come looking for it thinking the man was trying to pull something. Eve (Joan Severance) shoots the bookie and leaves the gun and the body. Hearing something Wally starts to go inside the building.
David only sees the woman from the back but thinks nothing of it because he did not hear the shot fired. Soon after, the police arrive seeing David holding the gun and Wally kneeling next to the body. The police arrest David and Wally. David tells Wally to take the coins out of the box on the counter and tell the elevator operator to lock up for them. Wally and David are taken down town where they are questioned. The police interrogate Wally and David forgetting that they are both disabled making for a comical scene. The police put Wally and David in prison because Wally had motive, the man was his bookie to whom he owed a lot of money. It is thought that David shot the guy because the pair are a couple. Meanwhile the Eve and a male accomplice, Kirgo (Kevin Spacey) go through the pilfered brief case in search of something that is not there.
They are dragged off to their cells and then they go for mugshots comically. After being mugshot they are going for fingerprints. They meet their "lawyers" while having their finger prints done. The two criminals say they are lawyers of the building that the man was shot in therefore they represent Wally and David. It is Eve and her accomplice, Kirgo. Wally recognizes the scent and the voice but can't place her. When she turns to leave David recognizes her legs and tries to tell the police officers that those two people are not their lawyers but the woman is the one who shot the bookie. Not wanting to be picked up and killed off Wally and David devise a plan. They are going to escape. The pair drink water from the fountain and when they get in the elevator to go back to holding they spit water in the officers faces and escape in a convenient crowd of protesters.
Out on the street Wally and David work together to escape to an alley so they can get out of the neighborhood. Wally tells David not to lead him because the cops are looking for a blind man and a deaf man. He tells David to stamp his feet hard so it can be heard and he can follow the sound. David obliges and they stamp right by the Porsche that has the two criminals, eve and Kirgo, in it. They were talking about bailing Wally and David out and what will be done with them afterward.
The woman gets out and approaches Wally. Wally recognizes her scent and her voice. David is oblivious right up until the killers come right out with it. The woman calls their boss Mr. Sutherland(Anthony Zerbe) to see what they should do with the pair after retrieving the coin that Wally did not know he had. David reads her lips while she is on the phone. The man prepares to kill the two after giving them a last request.
The man is taking them into the alley to kill them when David asks why he can't just kills them in the street. Kirgo says fine and starts assembling the gun and silencer. Before he can shoot ,David pleads for their lives one more time. Wally says they should not beg but he just wants his friend to tell him what time it is. It takes David a minute but he finally understands. Wally wanted him to be his eyes again like he was at the bar when they were in the bar-fights. David helps Wally knock the criminal out and they run away when the Porsche pulls up in the alley.
There is a unrelated fight in the street that the police had apparently been called to break up. David leads Wally to a car and they hide behind it. Wally realizes the car is still running and convinces David to get in it even though it is a police car. They go on a wild chase. Since David is the only one in cuffs he has to lead Wally through the city with the criminals and the cops on their tails. They end up plunging nose first into a garbage barge. David is upset. Since Wally cant see he does not know until David tells him they are in a garbage pile. After calming down David tells Wally what he read when the lady was talking on the phone to her boss, Mr. Sutherland.
They make it to New Jersey where they are attempting to bury the car in a muddy river bed. They get into a fight, Wally saying he could handle himself even though he is blind and David saying he cannot reconcile being deaf. It is revealed that a drunk driver caused Wallys blindness. The fight boils over and David leaves Wally in the mud to fend for himself. They eventually get back together.
Wally calls his sister Adele and asks for money and a ride. He also tells her where they are. When she pulls up she checks into room 18 and David leads Wally over. Soon after, police show up and surround the place. When they tell everyone to come out everyone but the people in room 18 come out. When the police go in they find no one and the bathroom window is open. The chief tells everyone to spread out and search the surrounding areas. After the coast is clear Adele, David, and Wally take off in her car.
During the ride they hatch another plan to find the criminals and the coin before they and it leave the country as was what David lipread. It seems there was a misread about the person they were going to go see but Adele recognizes and corrects the problem. They are going to a place not to see a person. The go to the resort where the criminals are staying and spy on them with binoculars. David see's Kirgo place the coin in a bag. The three people wrangle their way inside the resort. David and Wally are masquerading as doctors and Adele causes a distraction to get the male criminal out of his room.
Wally and David go to the room and Wally is left to guard the door while David searches the room for the bag he saw the criminal put the coin in. Wally does not know that the doctor he is masquerading as is the key speaker at the convention being held at the resort and the concierges find him and take him away leaving David alone. The female criminal, Eve, is in the shower with the bag in the bathroom on the counter. Carefully David gets the bag and the coin. Eve finds him and he cons her into thinking he has a gun and he gets away.
He finds Wally faking an attack to get out of answering questions at the convention. David diagnosis's Wally and takes him out of the room and they head for the door to find Adele. The cops run in as they go out. Meanwhile Eve finds Kirgo outside still fiddling with Adele and recognizes the other woman. They take Adele with them after Eve tells Kirgo about the theft of the coin.
Wally and David find Adele's car and a valet who tells them that Adele was taken with Eve and Kirgo in their Spyder. David is given a note to bring the coin to The House of a Million Windows. David then tells the valet to call the cops if they are not back in 30 minutes and tell them their location.
Wally and David find a spot beyond the trees at the estate to scoop out the place. They find the dogs the valet warned them about and they see Adele in the greenhouse tied to a chair. They make a plan. While David is standing on the car using the binoculars Wally goes to pee. The car break moves out of place and David is knocked from the car and unconscious for a while. Wally feels around, falling over a log, and he trips over David. David eventually comes to and Wally expressed remorse over getting his sister into danger and David too. David encourages him to keep going.
Wally perches behind a rock with David goes down the hill. He had estimated how long it would take to get to the wall and he told Wally to start counting. When he got to 16 he started whistling to get the dogs to come away from Davids position. David uses a log to climb the wall and some peanut butter to distract a dog. He breaks the window of the greenhouse unable to hear Adele's warning about the alarm. He unties her but some goons are fast on his trail. They recapture Wally and David but Adele gets away and goes to get the police.
Wally and David are taken to the main house where Mr. Sutherland is waiting. Wally gets there first and is in the room with Sutherland and Kirgo. It is revealed that the coin is not really a coin but something more powerful like electric wiring. Kirgo has a gun on Wally but turns it on Sutherland to renegotiate their contract. Sutherland agrees to give Kirgo a third of 8 million but then turns of the lights and shoots Kirgo. It is revealed that Sutherland is blind too. Wally and Sutherland blindly shoot at each other before Eve and David arrive. Eve asks what happened to Kirgo and Sutherland tells her the truth. She then asks about her own contract. Sutherland tries to pull the same trick but gets shot instead.
Eve takes the coin and locks Dave and Wally in the room for the cops to capture. She tries to make it out to the helicopter that was waiting for Mr. Sutherland but David makes a cable into a zipline using a jacket and zips and captures the pilot and Eve before they can take off. The cops arrest the criminal and Wally and David go home.
The last scene is of Wally and David eating ice cream in the park. David wants to give Wally something. Wally mushes his ice cream cone over Davids head and David does the same.
Best part of story, including ending: I like this Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder movie because it deals with disabilities without getting distasteful about the subject. When Wally and David are in the muck trying to bury the police car they have a serious moment where they both are fed up with being blind and deaf. Yeah, it is a funny movie but it isn't making fun of the deaf and blind.

Best scene in story: My favorite scenes happen when Wally are on a pier. The are sitting together talking and eating ice cream. Wally puts his cone upside down in David's hair. David eventually does that same.

Opinion about the main character: I do not like when David is profane. It does not seem natural to him.

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Plot & Themes

Comedy, primarily    -   Yes Time/era of movie:    -   1980's-1999 Comedy or Parody about    -   retarded/disabled people How much humor v. drama    -   Lot of humor, but significant serious drama

Main Character

Identity:    -   Male Profession/status:    -   clerk Age:    -   40's-50's Ethnicity/Nationality    -   White American Unusual characteristics:    -   Physically sick


United States    -   Yes The US:    -   Northeast

Writing Style

Accounts of torture and death?    -   no torture/death Sex/nudity in movie?    -   Yes What kind of sex:    -   seeing breasts Any profanity?    -   A lot of foul language

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