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Actors: Jodi Benson, Gino Conforti, Barbara Cook, Will Ryan, June Foray, Gary Imhoff, Charo, Gilbert Gottfried

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As she finds her true love, Thumbelina learns that she should trust her heart, because what seems impossible sometimes really is possible. Jacquimo the swallow begins the story, providing Thumbelina's background. Thumbelina was born from a flower after her mother plants a barleycorn from a good witch. As she grows, she becomes bothered about her small stature, and wants to meet people her own size. When she asks her mother, her mother reads to her and tells her about fairies. That night, Thumbelina reads more and imagines her own happy ending where she would find her true love who would be just her size.
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As she sings and imagines, the crown prince of fairies, Cornelius, flies by on his bumblebee and sees her. Though he frightens her at first, they soon begin talking, and he takes her for a ride on his bumblebee. They begin to fall in love. Cornelius gives her a ring at the end of the ride and they plan to meet the following day.

Unfortunately, a frog, Grundel, also sees Thumbelina during the ride and thinks her beautiful. His mother kidnaps Thumbelina when she goes to sleep and brings her back to him. Her mother misses her quickly; by the time Cornelius returns, she is gone too and everything is in disarray. Hero the dog tells him what has transpired. Cornelius is devastated that she is gone, and asks his father to delay the winter frost as long as possible. His mother is skeptical, but his father is more understanding.

At the frogs house, the frog mother tries to convince her to stay and sing as a star in their family Singers of Espana. Thumbelina is somewhat overwhelmed, though is flattered by the idea of becoming a star. When she realizes Mrs. Toad expects her to marry her son Grundel, Thumbelina says no and the toad family abandons her. Fortunately, Jaquimo comes to the rescue and helps her to shore, where she meets the jitterbugs. They offer to help her go home and find Cornelius. Thumbelina thinks its impossible, but Jaquimo reassures her that anything is possible when she follows her heart. On the toads' boat, Grundel's two brothers laugh at him, and he becomes determined to go after her.

As Thumbelina tries to find her way home, Mr. Beetle find her and takes her off (against her will) to the beetle ball. There he puts her on show and Razzmataz flatters her. People start laughing at her when her dress falls off; left in her red underclothes, they can see how different he is. Razzmataz decides she isn't beautiful after all and throws her out.

The little jitterbugs meanwhile have gone in search of help. Jaquimo finds Thumbelina who is in tears. He reassures her, saying Cornelius thinks she's beautiful, and never mind the beetle. The next day, Jaquimo continues his search for the prince, and Cornelius, for Thumbelina. Jacquimo's search is fruitless, however. Grundel finds Razzmataz, and they plot to set a trap for her using the prince. As winter sets in, the prince is frozen in ice where Razzmataz finds him and carries him away.

Thumbelina, still lost, becomes cold and discouraged. Thumbelina's mother mourns and hopes for a happy ending for her lost daughter. A fieldmouse fortunately takes Thumbelina in, however, saving her life. She knows Thumbelina's name and tells her that the prince was frozen. Thumbelina is devastated. Mrs. Fieldmouse takes Thumbelina to talk to Mr. Mole. It turns out he discovered Jaquimo. Thumbelina is again devastated, thinking him dead, but then realizes he isn't quite and promises to return. When Mr. Mole also asks Mrs. Fieldmouse to arrange a match between him and Thumbelina, Mrs. Fieldmouse agrees and tries to convince Thumbelina not to marry for love (her prince) but for security (the mole).

Thumbelina reflects at Jaquimo's side. She is at the point of agreeing to marry the mole when Jaquimo awakes. She pulls out his thorn, and to Thumbelina's dismay, flies off again to find the prince. Thumbelina still doesn't believe in Jaquimo's doing the impossible anymore. She almost does marry Mr. Mole, but realizes at the alter that she can't because she doesn't love him, and she rushes out.

Outside, Razzmataz and Grundel have tracked her there with the prince (in an ice block) in tow. The jitterbugs, in hiding, observe. The toad and Razzmataz pester Thumbelina on her way out but she throws them off. The jitterbugs meanwhile light a fire to defrost the prince. The prince, once freed, goes to find Thumbelina and is finally dragged over a cliff by the toad. Thumbelina, meanwhile, still has no idea the prince is nearby. She finds a light to guide her to the surface, where she finds Jaquimo. He has found the Vale of the Fairies, and takes her to find Cornelius. At first Thumbelina doesn't believe him, but he asks her to sing. As she sings, spring comes back. Cornelius finds her and asks her to marry him. She says yes and receives her very own wings as wedding bells begin to chime. And, concludes Jaquimo, they lived happily ever after.
Best part of story, including ending: The story is optimistic, and the animators have added in good messages about not assuming anything what is or isn't possible. It does paint many issues a bit in black and white, however.

Best scene in story: When Jaquimo took Thumbelina to the Vale of the Fairies and convinced her to sing, the viewer could see the ice giving way to flowers, even if Thumbelina couldn't see it. In some ways, it was like she had powers she wasn't even aware of.

Opinion about the main character: Her story shows the viewer that you shouldn't really give up on what you want if your heart tells you not to. At the same time, it seems like Thumbelina is always devastated about everything. I suppose in her case, that comes of going through trials for the first time.

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Thumbelina is a young woman no bigger than her mother's thumb. She doesn't like being the only person her size, and is thrilled when her mother tells her about fairies. Thumbelina ends up meeting the fairy prince, and they fall in love. But when Thumbelina goes outside to be with him, she is kidnapped by a frog who wants her to marry her frog son. While the fairy prince sets out to find and rescue her, Thumbelina keeps escaping and getting caught by various creatures who want her to marry them, including a grotesque beetle.
The review of this Movie prepared by Sarah Bastin

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Plot & Themes

Composition of Book Actual chase scenes or violence 30%Planning/preparing, gather info, debate puzzle 30%Feelings, relationships, character bio/development 40% **Fantasy or Science Fiction?**    -   fantasy story on another world/distant past magical being/mental/magical powers    -   Yes kind of powers:    -   fairies If a cartoon...    -   animated cartoon Cartoon?    -   Yes

Main Character

Identity:    -   Female Profession/status:    -   unemployed Age:    -   a teen    -   20's-30's Ethnicity/Nationality    -   French Unusual characteristics:    -   Super sensitive soggy jelly muffin


Earth setting:    -   17th century    -   during "Tolkien" (fairytime) times Takes place on Earth?    -   Yes Water?    -   Yes Forests?    -   Yes

Writing Style

Accounts of torture and death?    -   no torture/death Tone of movie    -   upbeat Is this movie based on a    -   book

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