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We can help you in an important way:

Helping readers find your book was started by an experienced writer with the goal of helping new writers get their books discovered. After all, only .0001% of the most favored books are featured on; but the Gordonator Precision Search Engine makes those 99+% accessible and searchable. If you've written a book about a certain kind of character, in a certain setting, with a certain theme, or a certain plot, all these elements of you book can be inserted into our engine so that when someone searches for one of those elements, your book will come up. Nowhere else can one browse for a "kind" of book with a certain literary element in it.

That's why if you're an author and want to sell or simply get your book read, our service is the best way to do it. Simply submit a review of your book, and in the "minireview" section at the end include the URL which will lead people to your book. We don't take a cut or commission, this service is 100% free. If people read/buy your book, we'll consider our mission a success.

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