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But keep in mind:

  • The summary will take from 15-20 minutes to enter.
  • You'll have to categorize the book from a preset list of plots, characters, settings and themes so we can make the book searchable by said attributes.
  • You'll have to write at least 225 words (& hopefully more!) describing the plot in standard, grammatically correct English. The more you write, the more you earn.
  • Except as listed below, we pay a maximum $10 for detailed summaries of books not currently reviewed.
  • $1 max : Books already reviewed, books not authored by Americans/British/Australians/Canadians
  • Not accepted: Horror or religious books, books glorifying Nazis/"White Power"/or radical Islam, graphic novels, short story collections, children's books, books without a central plot, books under 200 pages in length
  • We are no longer looking for movie reviews
  • For all the fine print, see here

If you try to rewrite reviews from Wikipedia in your own words, we'll know. Trust us, we will.

Name of book
Kind of review: Main focus of book is
Formula Romances (e.g. two people hugging on cover)
Literature, or stories focusing on feelings (or romance, if not people hugging on cover)
Action story or Murder Mystery story (no scifi)
Biography (history of an individual or small group)
Historical Fiction-->Focusing on feelings
Historical Fiction-->Focusing on action
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