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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Mengele's Legacy David J. Weinberg 4000
Death Rounds Peter Clement 4000
Raising Abel W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear 2000
Rising Phoenix Kyle Mills 2000
The Twisted Root Anne Perry 2000
Trojan James Follett 2000
Cold Steel Paul Carson 2000
Choose Wisely To Kill Richard J. Stephenson 2000
Helix M.N. Norton 2000
The Oath John Lescroart 2000
The Swarm Arthur Herzog 2000
Outbreak Robin Cook 2000
Fatal Cure Robin Cook 2000
Critical Condition Peter Clement 2000
Year Zero Jeff Long 2000
The Vial Dennis Burns 2000
Killer Asylum David R. Williams 2000
Mutation Robin Cook 2000
Fatal Michael Palmer 2000
Long After Midnight Iris Johansen 2000
Harmful Intent Robin Cook 2000
Prescribed Danger Gwen Hunter 2000
The Homing John Saul 2000
Simon Sez Kevin Cahill 2000
Godplayer Robin Cook 2000
Acceptable Risk Robin Cook 2000
Toxin Robin Cook 2000
Mutant Peter Clement 2000
The Procedure Peter Clement 2000
The Syndrome John Case 2000
The Cradle Will Fall Mary Higgins Clark 2000
Unnatural Exposure Patricia Cornwell 2000
Stony Man: Deadly Agent Don Pendleton 2000
The Mosquito War V.A. MacAlister 2000
The Celestine Prophecy James Redfield 2000
When the Wind Blows James Patterson 2000
Gargoyles Alan Nayes 2000
To Kill A King Mary V. Welk 2000
A Deadly Little Christmas Mary V. Welk 2000
Something Wicked in the Air Mary V. Welk 2000
Without Sin Charles Smithdeal 2000
Homicidal Intent Vivian Chern 2000
Shock Robin Cook 2000
The Fourth Hand John Irving 2000
The Cat's Paw: Blue Death M.J. Hollingshead 2000
The Griffon Trilogy: Part I Doug Murphy, Andrea Murphy 2000
No Witnesses Ridley Pearson 2000
Flashback Michael Palmer 2000
Robak In Black Joe L. Hensley 2000
Leeward D. Edward Bradley 2000

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