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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
By the Light of the Moon Dean Koontz 2000
Hannibal Rising Thomas Harris 2000
Terminal Robin Cook 2000
Mount Dragon Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child 2000
Obsessed G.H. Ephron 2000
Mortal Fear Robin Cook 2000
Breeding Evil Liz Wolfe 2000
The Edge Catherine Coulter 2000
The Footprints of God Greg Iles 2000
The Protector David Morrell 2000
Seizure Robin Cook 2000
The Lake House James Patterson 2000
Living Proof Peter J. Thompson 2000
Off Pace Brittan Barclay 2000
The Experiment Stephen Kyle 2000
The Christopher Factor Lindsey S. Davis 2000
Death's Door Michael Slade 2000
Gray Matter Gary Braver 2000
Shot Jenny Siler 2000
Mutation Robin Cook 2000
Fatal Michael Palmer 2000
Critical Condition Peter Clement 2000
Killer Asylum David R. Williams 2000
Choose Wisely To Kill Richard J. Stephenson 2000
Flashback Michael Palmer 2000
Robak In Black Joe L. Hensley 2000
Fatal Care Leonard Goldberg 2000
The Mind Game Hector MacDonald 2000
Deep Sleep Charles Wilson 2000
Chromosome 6 Robin Cook 2000
When the Wind Blows James Patterson 2000
Gargoyles Alan Nayes 2000
Homicidal Intent Vivian Chern 2000
Shock Robin Cook 2000
The Homing John Saul 2000
Simon Sez Kevin Cahill 2000
Acceptable Risk Robin Cook 2000
The Cradle Will Fall Mary Higgins Clark 2000
Unnatural Exposure Patricia Cornwell 1666.7
The Quarry Friedrich Durrenmatt 1400
Shutter Island Dennis Lehane 1400
The House of Thunder Dean Koontz 1400
Plague Gary Birken 1000
Heat Shock Robert Greer 1000
The Last Cheerleader Meg O'Brien 1000
The Unnatural Alan Nayes 1000
Maisie Dobbs Jacqueline Winspear 1000
Heart Block Soo Kim Abboud 1000
Marker Robin Cook 1000
Looking for Mr. Nobody Sue Rann 1000

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