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Protokol: A Novel of International Intrigue Eugene Golub and Quinton Skinner 2000
The Logan Factor Vincent Scuro 2000
Red Rabbit Tom Clancy 2000
True Honor - Uncommon Heroes 3 Dee Henderson 2000
Purity in Death J.D. Robb 2000
Inspector Anders and the Ship of Fools Marshall Browne 2000
Bannerman's Ghosts John R. Maxim 2000
Dirty Work Stuart Woods 2000
Old Flames John Lawton 2000
Flint Paul Eddy 2000
Avenger Frederick Forsyth 2000
The Day of The Jackal Frederick Forsyth 2000
The Circle of Sodom Pat Mullan 2000
The Mingrelian Conspiracy Michael Pearce 2000
Hard Rain Barry Eisler 2000
Operation: Eyewitness D. Rudd Wise 2000
The Steel Caress Jessica Hall 2000
Money for Nothing Donald Westlake 2000
Get Out or Die Jane Finnis 2000
The Desperate Remedy: Henry Gresham and the Gunpowder Plot Martin Stephen 2000
Path of the Assassin Brad Thor 2000
Rogue Warrior: Green Team Richard Marcinko 2000
The President's Daughter Mariah Stewart 2000
The Third Corner J.L. Abbott 2000
The Scorpio Illusion Robert Ludlum 2000
White Star James Thayer 2000
Without Fail Lee Child 2000
Day Of Wrath Iris Collier 2000
The Watchmen Brian Freemantle 2000
Midnight Runner Jack Higgins 2000
Orchid Blues Stuart Woods 2000
Night Probe! Clive Cussler 2000
Ambrose Bierce and the Death of Kings Oakley Hall 2000
No Other Option Marcus Wynne 2000
Divide and Conquer - Tom Clancy's Op-Center Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik 2000
Four For A Boy Mary Reed and Eric Mayer 2000
The Sentinel Gerald Petievich 2000
Emperor: The Gates of Rome Conn Igguldon 2000
Kings of Many Castles Brian Freemantle 2000
The Kill Zone David Hagberg 2000
A Pawn for A Queen Fiona Buckley 2000
Blood Lake K.J.A. Wishnia 2000
The Stalking Horse Miriam Grace Monfredo 2000
A Death in the Venetian Quarter Alan Gordon 2000
People Die Kevin Wignall 2000
The Queene's Cure Karen Harper 2000
Reunion Curt Autry 2000
Rain Fall Barry Eisler 2000
Agent Under Glass George Mettler 2000
The Bourne Supremacy Robert Ludlum 2000

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