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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
The Swarm Arthur Herzog 3000
'48 James Herbert 2000
Deluge Richard Doyle 2000
The Naked and the Dead Norman Mailer 2000
The Trojan Odyssey Clive Cussler 2000
Wyatt's Hurricane Desmond Bagley 2000
The Walk Lee Goldberg 2000
Full Circle Michael Boyle 2000
Flash Fire Caroline B. Cooney 2000
Murder In The Forecast Valerie Wolzien 2000
Vigilante Justice Michael LaRocca 2000
The Company Arabella Edge 2000
Heir Apparently Veronica Dolan 2000
Dead Hand Harold Coyle 2000
Panic of 89 Paul Erdman 2000
Singing Boy Dennis McFarland 2000
Unnatural Fire Fidelis Morgan 2000
Dream Catcher Stephen King 2000
Saving Cascadia John J. Nance 2000
The Memory Quilt Pamela J. Erickson 2000
8.4 Peter Hernon 2000
Alas, Babylon Pat Frank 2000
Downwind Louise Moeri 2000
The 21 Balloons William Pene DuBois 2000
A Journal of the Plague Year Daniel Defoe 2000
Firebombers Incorporated Michael Archer 2000
Reign of the Rat Gil Smolin 2000
The Hammer of Eden Ken Follett 1000
The Fifth Horseman Richard Sherbaniuk 1000
To Bury The Dead Craig Spector 1000
Whispers in the Night Bruce A. Humphrey 1000
Lycosidae Ralph Wright 933.3
Black Horizon James Grippando 800
Second Wind Dick Francis 800
Bloodsworth Island Jeff Slate and David Rearden 800
Deadly Exposure Leonard Goldberg 800
Paddle to the Arctic Don Starkwell 800
A Day No Pigs Would Die Robert Newton Peck 800
Dark Rose Mike Lunnon-Wood 800
World War III John Stanley 800
Fail Safe Eugene Burdick 800
A Deadly Little Christmas Mary V. Welk 800
Big City Girl Charles Williams (2) 800
Nobody Knows Mary Jane Clark 666.7
The Breathtaker Alice Blanchard 533.3
Fear Nothing Dean Koontz 466.7
Fault Line Sarah Andrews 400
While Other People Sleep Marcia Muller 400
Shawshank Redemption Stephen King 400
State of Fear Michael Crichton 333.3

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