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Summer Moon Jill Marie Landis 2000
Sweetbriar Jude Deveraux 2000
Cheyenne Summer Vella Munn 2000
Sweet Success Susan Mallery 2000
Forbidden Heart Felicia Mason 2000
Good Journey Micaela Gilchrist 2000
See Jane Date Melissa Senate 2000
Chance Meeting Laura Moore 2000
Dearest Beloved Christine Holden 2000
The Texan's Dream Jodi Thomas 2000
Lucky in Love Beverly Barton 2000
Heart and Soul Sally Mandel 2000
Falling For You Julie Ortolon 2000
The Dixie Belle's Guide To Love Luanne Jones 2000
Daring to Dream Nora Roberts 2000
One Summer Nora Roberts 2000
Marry Me Susan Kay Law 2000
Inter-Office Male John Richards 2000
Love in Bloom's Judith Arnold 2000
Sara Dane Catherine Gaskin 2000
Intimate Investor Terry Campbell 2000
Cast a Long Shadow Bree Mackenna 2000
Hoodwinked Jennifer Lynn 2000
Must Be Magic Patricia Rice 2000
Kentucky Kisses Deanna Mascle 2000
Plum Girl Jill Winters 2000
Country Boy, City Girl Cynthianna Appel 2000
Music of My Heart Dana Elian 2000
Cherokee Warriors: The Lover Genell Dellin 2000
Record Time Beverly Brandt 2000
This Calder Range Janet Dailey 2000
All I Want Is Forever Lynn Emery 2000
Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch Haywood Smith 2000
The Christmas Train David Baldacci 2000
Cupid.Com Karen Lee 2000
Shadows in the Grass Rose Senehi 2000
Hustle, Sweet Love Maggie Davis 2000
Thief of Words John Jaffe 2000
Perfect Together Lisa Plumley 2000
317 Beulah Street Sandra Steffen 2000
Once A Scoundrel Candice Hern 2000
Flying High Gwynne Forster 2000
Personal Assets Emma Holly 2000
Haven Irene Bennett Brown 2000
Texas Star Elaine Barbieri 2000
Fair Play Deirdre Martin 2000
Guilty Pleasures Laura Lee Guhrke 2000
Speechless Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout 2000
Unforgettable Lady Jessica Bird 2000
Girls' Poker Night Jill A. Davis 2000

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