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Romola George Eliot 2000
When She Was Good Philip Roth 2000
All Families Are Psychotic Douglas Coupland 2000
Entering Normal Anne LeClaire 2000
Undercurrents: A Novel Marie Darrieussecq 2000
Ground Cover Edith S. Marks 2000
How to be Good Nick Hornby 2000
The Year of the Lucy Anne McCaffrey 2000
Strange Fits of Passion Anita Shreve 2000
Behind Closed Doors Susan R. Sloan 2000
Spinning Around Catherine Jinks 2000
The Touch Colleen McCullough 2000
A Tapestry of Hope Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller 2000
The Birth of Venus Sarah Dunant 2000
Our Lizzie Anna Jacobs 2000
Dreaming in Color Charlotte Vale Allen 2000
After the Fire Belva Plain 2000
The Wisdom of Shepherds Rhett Ellis 2000
Starting Over Robin Pilcher 2000
Fox's Earth Anne Rivers Siddons 2000
Wild Sargasso Sea Jean Rhys 2000
Jennie - About To Be Elizabeth Ogilvie 2000
The Second Wives Club Jane Moore 2000
Amanda Bright@home Danielle Crittenden 2000
Wintering Kate Moses 2000
In Her Presence: A Husband's Dirty Secret Nancy Weaver 2000
Of Dreams and Nightmares Shirley A. Roe 2000
A Modern Instance William Dean Howells 2000
Hidden Paul Jaskunas 2000
Trouble in Paradise Pip Granger 2000
And on the Eighth Day She Rested J.D. Mason 2000
Amanda Rio Steven Donahue 2000
Kristin Lavransdatter II: The Wife Sigrid Undset 2000
The Father August Strindberg 2000
The Dark Room R.K. Narayan 2000
The Silent Lady Catherine Cookson 2000
Gracelin O'Malley Ann Moore 2000
The Deep End Joy Fielding 2000
The Quicksilver Pool Phyllis A. Whitney 2000
SilkyDreamGirl Cris Burks 2000
Lady of the Butterflies Fiona Mountain 2000
Picture Perfect Jodi Picoult 2000
Tony Hogan Bought Me An Ice-Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma Kerry Hudson 2000
Honolulu Alan Brennert 1400
Desire Under the Elms Eugene O'Neill 1400
To Have and To Hold Jane Green 1400
Agamemnon Aeschylus 1000
Garden of Shadows V.C. Andrews 1000
The Time of the Doves Merce Rodoreda 1000
Ladder of Years Anne Tyler 1000

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