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Dirt Music Tim Winton 2000
The Men from the Boys William J. Mann 2000
Amsterdam Ian McEwan 2000
Confessions of Zeno Italo Svevo 2000
Herzog Saul Bellow 2000
Bread Alone Judith Ryan Hendricks 2000
Revolutionary Road Richard Yates 2000
Doing Good Pamela Morsi 2000
Rabbit, Run John Updike 2000
Naive Super Erlend Loe 2000
Back When We Were Grownups Anne Tyler 2000
Daniel Martin John Fowles 2000
Ladder of Years Anne Tyler 2000
Now or Never Penny Jordan 2000
From the Terrace John O'Hara 2000
The End of an Error Mameve Medwed 2000
Amanda Bright@Home Danielle Crittendon 2000
The Golden Notebook Doris Lessing 2000
The Good Wife Strikes Back Elizabeth Buchan 2000
A Risk Worth Taking Robin Pilcher 2000
The Accidental Tourist Anne Tyler 2000
My Life on a Plate India Knight 2000
The Pull of the Moon Elizabeth Berg 2000
Wonder Boys Michael Chabon 2000
Wifey Judy Blume 2000
Night Swimming Robin Schwarz 2000
A Ladder of Years Anne Tyler 2000
What I Lived For Joyce Carol Oates 2000
China Alan Wall 2000
After Goodlake's Terence Young 2000
The Summer I Dared Barbara Delinsky 2000
Nine Months Paula Bomer 2000
Where'd You Go, Bernadette Maria Semple 2000
Flight Behavior Barbara Kingsolver 2000
The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year Sue Townsend 2000
The Deep End Joy Fielding 2000
Parvenue Throws A Party Wendy Boucher 2000
Aaron's Rod D.H. Lawrence 2000
Hangover Square: a Novel of Darkest Earl's Court Patrick Hamilton 2000
The History of Mr Polly H.G. Wells 2000
Mrs. Craddock W. Somerset Maugham 2000
Coming Up For Air George Orwell 2000
Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller 2000
The Answer is Yes Sara Lewis 2000
Downstream J.K. Huysmans 2000
The Interruption of Everything Terry McMillan 2000
A Trick of Nature Suzanne Matson 2000
Cover the Butter Carrie Kabak 1500
The Ghost Danielle Steel 1400
A Year in Van Nuys Sandra Tsing Loh 1400

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