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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Brokos @ Linda Blesser 2000
The Fortune Teller's Daughter Susan Wilson 2000
Completely Smitten Kristine Grayson 2000
Sacrament Susan Squires 2000
Twilight Hunger Maggie Shayne 2000
Midnight Embrace Amanda Ashley 2000
When The Halo Falls Kathleen Kane 2000
The Gazing Globe Candace Sams 2000
Moon on Little Winter Margaret Mar 2000
Sealed in Blood Margaret L. Carter 2000
Buttercup Baby Karen Fox 2000
Spellbounds Kathleen Nance 2000
Killing Moon Rebecca York 2000
Aphrodite's Secret Julie Kenner 2000
Catching Midnight Emma Holly 2000
Echoes of Angels Caitlyn McKenna 2000
Single White Vampire Lynsay Sands 2000
The Warrior Kathleen Nance 2000
The Forest Lord Susan Krinard 2000
The Reluctant Witch Susan Grace 2000
Poseidon's Kiss Gail Crease 2000
Aphrodite's Kiss Julie Kenner 2000
Witching Moon Rebecca York 2000
An Earthly Knight Janet McNaughton 2000
The Cat's Fancy Julie Kenner 2000
Night Play Sherrilyn Kenyon 1400
Visions of Sugar Plums Janet Evanovich 1200
Secret Of The Wolf Susan Krinard 1000
Spirit of the Mist Janeen O'Kerry 1000
The Seeker Kathleen Nance 1000
McNamara's Ghost Angelique Armae 1000
Light In Shadow Jayne Ann Krentz 1000
Shameless: Shadow Dweller 3 J.C. Wilder 1000
Temptation: Shadow Dweller 6 J.C. Wilder 1000
Miracles Mary Kirk 1000
Silver Dagger T.L. Sinclare 800
Green Fire Monette Michaels 800
Realm of Shadows Shannon Drake 800
Magick Mary Taffs 800
Cherished Invader Samantha Gail 800
My Secret Protector Pam Binder 800
Embrace the Twilight Maggie Shayne 800
Winter Fire Lynne Hayworth 800
The Night Drifter Susan Carroll 800
Fantasy Lover Sherrilyn Kenyon 600
The Selkie Melanie Jackson 500
Enchantment Kathleen Nance 400

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