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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Invasion Robin Cook 2000
Sinister Barrier Eric Frank Russell 2000
Atmosphere Michael Laimo 2000
The Capture K.A. Applegate 2000
The Birds And The Bees Sephera Giron 2000
Wit'ch Gate James Clemens 2000
Three to Conquer Eric Frank Russell 2000
The Apocalypse Troll David Weber 2000
A Gathering Evil Michael A. Stackpole 2000
Hosts: a Repairman Jack Novel F. Paul Wilson 2000
The Reality Dysfunction Peter F. Hamilton 2000
The Nameless Day Sara Douglass 2000
Dark Dreams - Last T'en Trilogy 2 Cory Daniells 2000
The Puppet Masters Robert A. Heinlein 1600
The Hork Bajir Chronicles K.A. Applegate 1400
Area 51: The Truth Robert Doherty 1400
The War Against the Rull A.E. Van Vogt 1400
The Invasion - Animorphs 1 K.A. Applegate 1333.3
The Solution - Animorphs 22 K.A. Applegate 1000
Candle Iron Sally Odgers 1000
The Midwich Cuckoos John Wyndham 1000
Mind Trap Tony Ruggiero 1000
A Matter of Honor Thomas K. Martin 1000
The Dark Path Walter H. Hunt 1000
Magic Fire Christopher Pike 800
Gene Roddenberry's Earth Final Conflict: Heritage Doranna Durgin 800
Lizard Music Daniel Pinkwater 800
The Apostate Paul Lonardo 800
Area 51 - The Sphinx Robert Doherty 800
Belarus Lee Hogan 800
Appleseed John Clute 800
Dark Victory Book Review Star Trek Series 800
Balance Point - Star Wars, The New Jedi Order 6 Kathy Tyers 600
The Invaders Plan L. Ron Hubbard 500
The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump Harry Turtledove 400
Area 51 - The Grail Robert Doherty 400
The Fresco Sheri S. Tepper 266.7
Embracing the Skull Diana Kemp-Jones 266.7

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