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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Fuzz Ed McBain 1000
Hit Man Lawrence Block 1000
A Shock to the System Simon Brett 1000
Out of the Blue JoAnn Ross 1000
Bad Men John Connolly 1000
Bonnie and Clyde Bill Brooks 1000
Peril Thomas H. Cook 1000
The Last to Die Beverly Barton 1000
Deep Water Patricia Highsmith 1000
The Hit Jere Hoar 1000
Liar's Market Taylor Smith 1000
Truth or Dare Jayne Ann Krentz 1000
Desert Places Blake Crouch 1000
The Conspiracy Club Jonathan Kellerman 1000
Waiting for the 400 Kyle Marffin 1000
Tampa Burn Randy Wayne White 1000
Cold Blood Theresa Monsour 1000
Bizarre Justice Henry Custer 1000
The Edge of the Gulf Hadley Hury 1000
Fortunes of the Dead Lynn Hightower 1000
Second Generation Beth Anderson 1000
Dangerous Medicine Jane Toombs 1000
The Widow Ginger Pip Granger 1000
Slatewiper Lewis Perdue 1000
Ironside Jim Thompson 1000
Done For A Dime David Corbett 1000
With Her Last Breath Cait London 1000
Trial by Ice and Fire Clinton McKinzie 1000
Mean Woman Blues Julie Smith 1000
Scaredy Cat Mark Billingham 1000
The Shadow Side Linda Castillo 1000
Four Days to Veracruz Owen West 1000
The Law of Three M.R. Sellars 1000
Manhattan North John Mackie 1000
Adverse Impact Phillip Tomasso III 1000
The Death You Deserve David Bowker 1000
12 Bliss Street Martha Conway 1000
The Rules of Silence David Lindsey 1000
Blood is the Sky Steve Hamilton 1000
Watch Them Die Kevin O'Brien 1000
Everglades Randy Wayne White 1000
The Ablative Case Ralph McInerny 1000
Naked Prey John Sandford 1000
Spirits of the Once Walking Babs Lakey 1000
Psyclone Roger Sharp 1000
Curtains Of Blood Robert J. Randish 1000
Scott Free John Gilstrap 1000
Man Eater Ray Shannon 1000
Clean Cut Theresa Monsour 1000
Cold Streets P.N. Elrod 1000

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