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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
The Wizard's Daughter Barbara Michaels 2000
The Store Bentley Little 2000
Candle Bay Tamara Thorne 2000
Craven Moon Billie Sue Mosiman 2000
Sleeping Beauty David Halliday 2000
Fire & Flesh Robert W. Walker 2000
Team of Darkness Tony Ruggiero 2000
Daggers of Gold William Meikle 2000
Nazareth Hill Ramsey Campbell 2000
The Hour of the Oxrun Dead Charles L. Grant 2000
Vampire$ Inc. Jason Guinn 2000
A-21 Tim Hancock 2000
Midnight Harvest Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 2000
To Wake the Dead Richard Laymon 2000
Stranger Dennis Royer 2000
The Face Dean Koontz 2000
If There Be Thorns V.C. Andrews 2000
Lost Boy Lost Girl Peter Straub 2000
Night of the Wolf Alice Borchardt 2000
Vittorio the Vampire Anne Rice 2000
Lasher Anne Rice 2000
Lost Hunters Deanne Devine 2000
The Vampire Vivienne Karen E. Taylor 2000
Tick Tock Dean Koontz 2000
The Thief of Always Clive Barker 2000
The Mummy Anne Rice 2000
Whispers Dean Koontz 2000
The Turn of the Screw Henry James 2000
Shadowfires Dean Koontz 2000
Nightshade John Saul 2000
Bailey's Pond Mickey Stroda 2000
The Walking Bentley Little 2000
The Stand Stephen King 2000
The Shining Stephen King 2000
It Stephen King 2000
Phantoms Dean Koontz 2000
Blood Trail Tanya Huff 2000
The Haunting of Hill House Shirley Jackson 2000
Salem's Lot Stephen King 2000
Ghost Story Peter Straub 2000
Magic William Goldman 2000
The Mask Dean Koontz 2000
Ghosts Noel Hynd 2000
Cold Streets P.N. Elrod 2000
The Infinite Douglas Clegg 2000
Cemetery of Angels Noel Hynd 2000
Bitten - Women of the Underworld 1 Kelley Armstrong 2000
Black Lightning John Saul 2000
The Madhouse Gary L. Pullman 2000
Midnight Voices John Saul 2000

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