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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Acorna - Unicorn Girl 5 Anne McCaffrey 2000
A Paradigm of Earth Candas Jane Dorsey 2000
Dark Changeling Margaret L. Carter 2000
Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea Diana Marcellas 2000
Anonymous Rex Eric Garcia 2000
Windhaven George R.R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle 2000
Get Out of My Mind Tony Ruggiero 2000
K-Pax Gene Brewer 2000
Tainted Trail Wen Spencer 2000
Fifth Life of the Catwoman Kathleen Dexter 2000
A Hidden Place Robert Charles Wilson 2000
The Man Who Fell To Earth Walter Tevis 2000
Eternity Row S.L. Viehl 2000
Haltia and the Third Planet D. Judson Hindes 2000
Roswell: The Outsider Melinda Metz 2000
I Was a Rat! Philip Pullman 2000
Bitter Waters Wen Spencer 2000
Sims F. Paul Wilson 2000
Quando Angelus Vagit Louise Karczmarz 2000
Conquest John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard 2000
The Rise of Nine Pittacus Lore 2000
I Am Number Four Pittacus Lore 2000
Fine Prey Scott Westerfeld 2000
First Warning: Acorna's Children Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 1800
Acorna - Unicorn Girl 1 Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball 1200
A Guest in a Jug Kir Bulychev 1000
Beauty of the Beast the Mystic Rose Kristie Lynn Higgins 1000
When Harlie Was One David Gerrold 1000
Sojourn - Forgotten Realms, Dark Elf Trilogy 3 R.A. Salvatore 1000
City of Illusions Ursula K. Le Guin 1000
Gene Roddenberry's Earth Final Conflict: Heritage Doranna Durgin 800
American Gods Neil Gaiman 800
Ishmael Barbara Hambly 800
Embracing the Skull Diana Kemp-Jones 666.7
The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka 500
Lirael: Daughter of the Clayr Garth Nix 200

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