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Two Eyes Lacie Nicole Perry 2000
Tritcheon Hash Sue Lange 2000
Angelica Sharon Shinn 2000
The Prince of Gemen D.G. Novak 2000
Angel-Seeker Sharon Shinn 2000
Dr. Futurity Philip K. Dick 2000
Humans Robert J. Sawyer 2000
Hybrids Robert J. Sawyer 2000
The Dancers at the End of Time - Eternal Champion 10 Michael Moorcock 2000
Dog Warrior Wen Spencer 2000
Forever Child Mark Lavine 2000
Next Kelsi Dick 2000
A.D. 62: Pompeii Rebecca East 2000
The Steerswoman's Road Rosemary Kirstein 2000
Shadow of the Storm Kurt R.A. Giambastiani 2000
The Braided World Kay Kenyon 2000
The Omega Expedition Brian Stableford 2000
Forever Free Joe Haldeman 2000
Eternity Row S.L. Viehl 2000
Worlds Joe Haldeman 2000
The Divine Invasion Philip K. Dick 2000
Archform: Beauty L. E. Modesitt, Jr. 2000
The Thirteenth Scroll Rebecca Neason 2000
Star Hawk Mack Malone 2000
Windhaven George R.R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle 2000
The Warriors of Spider - Spider Trilogy 1 W. Michael Gear 2000
The Gammage Cup Carol Kendall 2000
Divine Intervention Ken Wharton 2000
Bikini Planet David Garnett 2000
An Acceptable Time Madeleine L'Engle 2000
The Inverted World Christopher Priest 2000
Yesterday's Kings Angus Wells 2000
Smith of Wootton Major J.R.R. Tolkien 2000
The Forever War Joe Haldeman 2000
Candle John Barnes 2000
Heart of Gold Sharon Shinn 2000
Pollen Jeff Noon 2000
Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea Diana Marcellas 2000
Household Gods Judith Tarr and Harry Turtledove 2000
Boils: Tales of Tainted Mothers Milk Carkan Moil 2000
Priestess of Avalon Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diana L. Paxson 2000
Out of Avalon Jennifer Roberson 2000
Homeland - Forgotten Realms, Dark Elf Trilogy 1 R.A. Salvatore 2000
Frostflower and Thorn Phyllis Ann Karr 2000
Merchanter's Luck C.J. Cherryh 2000
Guardian of the Balance Irene Radford 2000
Beneath the Shattered Moons Michael Bishop 2000
Deathbird Stories Harlan Ellison 2000
The Boat of a Million Years Poul Anderson 2000
Ring of Intrigue Jane S. Fancher 2000

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