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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Drybone Hollow John Billheimer 1000
Naked Prey John Sandford 1000
Indigo Slam Robert Crais 1000
The Works of the Flesh R. Troyan Krause 1000
If Cooks Could Kill JoAnne Pence 1000
Off Pace Brittan Barclay 1000
The Maltese Manuscript Joanne Dobson 1000
Strong Spirits Alice Duncan 1000
Silent Partner Stephen Frey 1000
Death in Dublin Bartholomew Gill 1000
Murder in the East Room Elliott Roosevelt 1000
The Bennie Arnoldo Files John Russo 1000
Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing Gabrielle Lord 1000
The Prince of Deadly Weapons Boston Terran 1000
The Hamilton Conspiracy Andrew Segal 1000
Street of the Five Moons Elizabeth Peters 1000
A Private War Patrick Sheane Duncan 1000
Recoil Jim Thompson 1000
Barrier Island John D. MacDonald 1000
Full Tilt Janet Evanovich 1000
Odds Against Dick Francis 1000
Stormy Petrel Mary Stewart 1000
The Trojan Dog Dorothy Johnston 1000
Vodka Boris Starling 1000
Code Name: Princess Christina Skye 1000
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less Jeffrey Archer 1000
The Burden of Proof Scott Turow 1000
False Profits Patricia Smiley 1000
Night Mare Franci McMahon 1000
Sea of Bones Ron Faust 1000
Hard, Hard City Jim Fusilli 1000
Let's Hear It for the Deaf Man Ed McBain 1000
Blind Switch John McEvoy 1000
No Escape Heather Lowell 1000
The Killing Maze David Cole 1000
R is For Ricochet Sue Grafton 1000
Break In Dick Francis 1000
Staying Power Judith Cutler 1000
Object of Virtue Nicholas B. A. Nicholson 1000
Banker Dick Francis 1000
The Alias Man Bill Pronzini 1000
Radio Activity Bill Fitzhugh 1000
Echo Bay Richard Barre 1000
Southern Fried Cathy Pickens 1000
The Heckler Ed McBain 1000
Fuzz Ed McBain 1000
Flight Dreams: Mark Manning 1 Michael Craft 1000
J is for Judgement Sue Grafton 1000
God Save the Mark Donald Westlake 1000
Weep Not The Widow Mary Lloyd 1000

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