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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Fatal Truth Robin Burcell 1000
Nightmare's Embrace Jennifer Cloud 1000
Deadly Embrace Jackie Collins 1000
Wings of Fire Dale Brown 1000
Envy Sandra Brown 1000
Black River G.M. Ford 1000
State of Mind John Katzenbach 1000
Serpent's Dance Larry Brooks 1000
Jamaica Inn Daphne Du Maurier 1000
Man Eater Ray Shannon 1000
Dying in the City of Flowers Victoria Edwards Tester 1000
The First Law John Lescroart 1000
Man Down John Douglas 1000
The Gold Swan James Thayer 1000
The Prince of Deadly Weapons Boston Terran 1000
The Edge of Doom Amanda Cross 1000
The Hamilton Conspiracy Andrew Segal 1000
Red Jack Ketchum 1000
Nine Jan Burke 1000
The House On the Point Benjamin Hoff 1000
Kentucky Roses Dekker Malone 1000
Not All Tarts Are Apple Pip Granger 1000
Castle Rouge Carole Nelson Douglas 1000
The Poisoned Rose D. Daniel Judson 1000
Final Cut Billie Sue Mosiman 1000
Shrink Rap Robert B. Parker 1000
Resolution Denise Mina 1000
Whispers and Lies Joy Fielding 1000
Omerta Mario Puzo 1000
Bullets Steve Brewer 1000
When Kindness Fails Elizabeth Fackler 1000
Midnight Harvest Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 1000
Cyanide Wells Marcia Muller 1000
Blood Money Dennis N. Griffin 1000
Shifting Calder Wind Janet Dailey 1000
With Her Last Breath Cait London 1000
Medusa Skye Kathleen Moody 1000
Mean Woman Blues Julie Smith 1000
The Shadow Side Linda Castillo 1000
Wind of the Wolf Cindy Holby 1000
The Jester James Patterson 1000
Manhattan North John Mackie 1000
The Last Good Day Peter Blauner 1000
The Business of Dying Simon Kernick 1000
Justifiable Means Terri Blackstock 1000
Every Dead Thing John Connolly 1000
The Bite Michael Crow 1000
Craven Moon Billie Sue Mosiman 1000
Brilliant Marne Davis Kellogg 1000
Driver's Ed Caroline B. Cooney 1000

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