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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
The Lion's Game Nelson DeMille 10000
Executive Orders Tom Clancy 10000
Deep Black Andy McNab 10000
A Palm for Mrs. Pollifax Dorothy Gilman 10000
At Risk Stella Rimington 10000
Prince of Fire Daniel Silva 10000
Deep Black: Dark Zone Stephen Coonts 10000
A Gentleman's Game: A Queen and Country Novel Greg Rucka 10000
Sacred Stone Clive Cussler 10000
Arabian Assignment: Slavery and Terrorism in North Africa Phillip E. Carpenter 10000
The Sleeper Christopher Dickey 10000
Assassin Ted Bell 10000
Dark Justice Jack Higgins 10000
The Watchman John Altman 10000
Assassination Day Clive Egleton 10000
Rain Storm Barry Eisler 10000
Memorial Day Vince Flynn 10000
Cobraville Carsten Stroud 10000
The Last Prophecy Jon Land 10000
Flashpoint Suzanne Brockmann 10000
The Cell Colin Forbes 10000
The Red Room Ridley Pearson 10000
The Janson Option Paul Garrison 10000
A Delicate Truth John Le Carre 10000
Out of the Ashes Skip Allen 10000
Plague of Terror William Muller 10000
The Afghan Frederick Forsyth 10000
The Messenger Daniel Silva 10000
The American Andrew Britton 10000
The Little Drummer Girl John Le Carre 10000
The Last Spymaster Gayle Lynds 10000
Charon's Landing Jack DuBrul 10000
Consent To Kill Vince Flynn 10000
Dreamland Razor's Edge Dale Brown 10000
Splinter Cell David Michaels 10000
Gambling With the Enemy Toni Leland 10000
The Crash of '79 Paul E. Erdman 10000
Florence of Arabia Christopher Buckley 10000
Bernie Minihan's Dilemma John V. Tieso 10000
In the Company of Liars David Ellis 7000
Avenger Frederick Forsyth 5000
The Forty-First Thief Edward A. Pollitz 5000
World War III, The Beginning Joel M. Fulgham 3000

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