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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Thunder of Erebus Payne Harrison 2000
Night Probe! Clive Cussler 2000
Year Of The Snake R.K. Doiron 2000
Rad Decision: A Novel of Nuclear Power James Aach 2000
Map of Bones James Rollins 2000
Singularity Bill DeSmedt 2000
The Negotiator Frederick Forsyth 2000
Paranoia Joseph Finder 2000
Trojan Odyssey Clive Cussler 2000
Black Sheep R.J. Kaiser 2000
Artifact Kevin J. Anderson 2000
Secret of the Scroll Chester D. Campbell 1000
Blue Gold - The NUMA Files 2 Clive Cussler 1000
The Salzburg Connection Helen MacInnes 800

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