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The Burning Man Phillip Margolin 5000
The Attorney Steve Martini 5000
A Tourist in the Yucatan James McNay Brumfield 5000
Florida Roadkill Tim Dorsey 5000
Why Didn't They Ask Evans? Agatha Christie 5000
Dark Rivers of the Heart Dean Koontz 5000
The Black Mask Boys William F. Nolan 5000
A Deadly Exchange Sheryl Jane Stafford 5000
Flash Flood Susan Slater 5000
Six White Horses Gaylord Dold 5000
Instant Justice Herb Hasler 5000
Tricky Business Dave Barry 5000
Buck Fever Ben Rehder 5000
Justice Betrayed Daniel Bailey 5000
Double Bluff Michael A. Hawley 5000
Twelve Mile Limit Randy Wayne White 5000
Deadly Decisions Kathy Reichs 5000
Red Rain Michael Crow 5000
Learning To Fly April Henry 5000
Faceless Martina Cole 5000
Shades Samuel E. Stone 5000
White Jazz James Ellroy 5000
A Bitter Feast S.J. Rozan 5000
Last Man Standing David Baldacci 5000
The Final Country James Crumley 5000
Money, Money, Money Ed McBain 5000
Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die M.E. Blount 5000
The Tin Man Dale Brown 5000
Single & Single John Le Carre 5000
Miami Twilight Tom Coffey 5000
Brown's Requiem James Ellroy 5000
Fat Tuesday Sandra Brown 5000
When the Bough Breaks Jonathan Kellerman 5000
The Bane of Cinco de Mayo Nathan S. Mitchell 5000
The Mediterranean Caper Clive Cussler 5000
Shark River Randy Wayne White 5000
Gone James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge 5000
Down By The River Where The Dead Men Go George P. Pelecanos 5000
The Solitary Man Stephen Leather 5000
The Cut George P. Pelecanos 5000
A Firing Offense George P. Pelecanos 5000
Pushed C.S. Ware 5000
March and the Single Heart Vi Zetterwall 5000
Rosarito Beach - Kay Hamilton 1 M.A. Lawson 5000
Sparrow Hawk Red Ben Mikaelsen 5000
Rat Run Gerald Seymour 5000
The Matlock Paper Robert Ludlum 5000
Dope Run Curt Littman 5000
Dutch II: Angel's Revenge Teri Woods 5000
Millie E.V. Cunningham 5000

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