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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
After Sundown Amanda Ashley 2000
Keeper of the Light Janeen O'Kerry 2000
Small Magick Liddy Midnight 2000
The Penwyth Curse Catherine Coulter 2000
Cupid's Melody Karen Fox 2000
Moonlight Legacy Jewell Dartt 2000
Alice at Heart Deborah Smith 2000
Poseidon's Kiss Gail Crease 2000
Witch's Journey Karen McCullough 2000
The Forest Lord Susan Krinard 2000
The Adventurer Jaclyn Reding 2000
Cherished Invader Samantha Gail 2000
Enchantment Kathleen Nance 2000
On the Wings of Time Dolly Lien 2000
Silver Dagger T.L. Sinclare 2000
Amaryllis Jayne Castle 2000
Brokos @ Linda Blesser 2000
The Last Mermaid Shana Abe 2000
The Huntress Barbara Karmazin 2000
The Empress' New Clothes Jaid Black 2000
Teasing Danger Autumn Dawn 2000
Fire and Ice Libby Midnight 2000
Small Magick - Elemental II Liddy Midnight 2000
Ellie And The Elven King Helen A. Rosburg 2000
Kissed by Magic Gloria Harchar 2000
Night Stalker Emma Holly 2000
Unearthed C.J. Barry 2000
The Dragon Laird Deborah Lynne 2000
Night Embrace Sherrilyn Kenyon 2000
Maiden Of The Winds Janeen O'Kerry 2000
Spellbounds Kathleen Nance 2000
Aphrodite's Secret Julie Kenner 2000
Heart Thief Robin D. Owens 2000
Spellbound Kathleen Nance 2000
Catching Midnight Emma Holly 2000
Shadow Magic Karen Whiddon 2000
Embrace the Twilight Maggie Shayne 2000
Completely Smitten Kristine Grayson 2000
Enslaved Jaid Black 2000
Girl on the Run Jennie Klassel 2000
HeartMate Robin D. Owens 1600
Shielder Catherine Spangler 1400
After Glow Jayne Castle 1400
Warrior's Woman Johanna Lindsey 1400
Dark Legend Christine Feehan 1333.3
The Selkie Melanie Jackson 1000
Retribution - Shadow Dweller 2 J.C. Wilder 1000
George and the Virgin Lisa Cach 1000
Sister of the Moon Janeen O'Kerry 800
Keeper of the Heart Johanna Lindsey 800

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