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Deluge Drivers - Icerigger Trilogy 3 Alan Dean Foster 2000
Deepsix Jack McDevitt 2000
A Fall of Moondust Arthur C. Clarke 2000
Mission to Universe Gordon R. Dickson 2000
March Upcountry David Weber and John Ringo 2000
The Culling Dark Bettyann Craddock 2000
The Smoke Ring Larry Niven 2000
The Warriors Of Caladera Verneal Maze 2000
Tom Paine Maru L. Neil Smith 2000
Deathworld II Harry Harrison 2000
Deathworld I Harry Harrison 2000
The Lost Regiment: Rally Cry William R. Forstchen 2000
The Gerfnit Chronicles Michael Pickard 2000
Enemy Mine Barry B. Longyear 2000
Web John Wyndham 2000
Melchior's Fire Jack L. Chalker 2000
First Landing Robert Zubrin 2000
Terraforming Earth Jack Williamson 2000
Enter the Enchanted - Everworld 3 K.A. Applegate 2000
Maximum Ice Kay Kenyon 2000
The Gates To Witch World Andre Norton 2000
Star Guard Andre Norton 2000
March to the Stars David Weber and John Ringo 2000
Fractured Time Michael D'Ambrosio 2000
Stargate Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich 2000
The High Crusade Poul Anderson 2000
Freedom's Choice - Freedom Series 2 Anne McCaffrey 2000
The Hidden Dragon - Stargods 1 Irene Radford 2000
City of the Chasch Jack Vance 2000
Journey to the Tenth Planet Michael D. Cooper 2000
The Galactic Seven M.H. Wilson 2000
Tomar Charles H. Grooms 2000
The Pnume Jack Vance 2000
The Dirdir Jack Vance 2000
Servants of the Wankh Jack Vance 1400
A Maze of Death Philip K. Dick 1400
Startide Rising - Uplift Saga 2 David Brin 1400
Space Cadet Robert A. Heinlein 1400
Time Traders II Andre Norton 1200
Heirs of Empire David Weber 1000
The Voyage of the Space Beagle A.E. Van Vogt 1000
The Dragon Circle Irene Radford 1000
The Skinner Neal Asher 1000
Wildflower Carl Rafala 1000
Jaran Kate Elliott 900
The Dosadi Experiment Frank Herbert 800
Past Imperative: Round One of the Great Game David Duncan 800
Mindbridge Joe Haldeman 800
Cuckoo's Egg C.J. Cherryh 800
Crashlander Larry Niven 800

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