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Double Helix: Double or Nothing Peter David 2000
Split Infinity Piers Anthony 2000
Conquerors' Pride Timothy Zahn 2000
The Silk Code Paul Levinson 2000
Mars Underground William K. Hartmann 2000
Tea With the Black Dragon R.A. MacAvoy 2000
Orca Steven Brust 2000
Tenebrea's Hope - Tenebrea Trilogy Book 2 Roxann Dawson and Daniel Graham 2000
Tangled Up in Blue Joan D. Vinge 2000
Ill Met By Moonlight Sarah A. Hoyt 2000
Point Of Dreams Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett 2000
More Than Mortal Mick Farren 2000
In The Country Of The Blind Michael Flynn 2000
All My Sins Remembered Joe Haldeman 2000
Distress Greg Egan 2000
God Of The Golden Fleece Fred Saberhagen 2000
A Gathering Evil Michael A. Stackpole 2000
The Last Harbor George Foy 2000
The Last Vampire Whitley Strieber 2000
The House In The High Wood Jeffrey E. Barlough 2000
The Association Bentley Little 2000
Cosmonaut Keep Ken MacLeod 2000
Knights of Harvest Kevin Cahill 2000
Chimera Will Shetterly 2000
Hosts: a Repairman Jack Novel F. Paul Wilson 2000
Gravity's Force Ebony McKenna 2000
A Deepness In The Sky Vernor Vinge 2000
Water Death Paul Johnston 2000
Sundiver - Uplift Saga 1 David Brin 2000
That Hideous Strength - Space Trilogy 3 C.S. Lewis 2000
The Icarus Hunt Timothy Zahn 2000
Second Foundation Isaac Asimov 2000
The Last Dragons Kir Bulychev 2000
Kushiel's Chosen Jacqueline Cary 2000
Gumshoe Gorilla Keith Hartman 2000
Argonaut Stanley Schmidt 2000
Paragon Lost: A Chronicle of the King's Blades David Duncan 2000
Infinity Beach Jack McDevitt 2000
Kushiel's Chosen Jacqueline Carey 2000
Krondor: The Betrayal Raymond E. Feist 2000
Time Stand Still John Misak 2000
Proteus Unbound Charles Sheffield 2000
The Ganymede Club Charles Sheffield 2000
A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows Poul Anderson 2000
Summer Knight Jim Butcher 2000
Slan A.E. Van Vogt 2000
Little Green Men Christopher Buckley 2000
The Scoundrel Worlds Chris Bunch 2000
The Long Habit of Living Joe Haldeman 2000
The Pixel Eye Paul Levinson 2000

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